"This bracelet is awesome! There are so many things happening in my body all the time that I never knew about until my mom got me this. "

- Jennifer, 14



"I LOVE my Feby bracelet and plan on wearing it everywhere. I'm proud to be a woman and everything that goes with that - period." 

- Kaya



"As a full spectrum doula, certified sexual assault/rape crisis counsellor, and advocate of sexual and reproductive justice for the past 15+ years, I know first hand the importance of teaching young people about their bodies and their connection to the menstruation cycle. When a young person comes upon their first blood in menstruation, without support this can be a trying time of shame, stigma, and inner fear about what's really happening with the body. I can attest from personal experience with FEBY that this has made the practice of both understanding menstruation and educating about how it happens so much more less isolating, and indeed something to instead be happily curious about, informed about, and most importantly empowered about. FEBY has allowed the young women I work with to track their cycles, understand their relationship to greater things at work like the moon cycle, and to have confidence in looking forward to the next time this will happen. This is a rate gift in a world who in the mainstream tells young people to be ashamed of their bodies or to hide their menstruation and to dread it across the board. I believe it is essential that we change this messing for the wellness of future generations to come, where tools like FEBY are given to all young people, for change to begin with how we feel about our own bodies."       

                                       -  Jessica


"I think this is a great tool for teaching girls and women about the changes that occur throughout the month." 

- Glenna, mother of Stephanie (13), Amanda (15) and Laura (17)



"I got a bracelet at a 13th birthday party where we all made them. It was a little awkward at first, talking about periods with the mom but I realized that it's a shared experience between all women and we shouldn't be embarrassed by it. I put mine on my keychain and refer to it daily. It really works!"

- Ramona


"This bracelet is what it says it is and is all about empowerment. Starting girls off on the right foot so they can recognize their own cycles is so important. Such self-knowledge will help them in so many ways in the future. I think all schools should provide this to girls in grade 8."

- Lynn, grade 8 teacher


"I really wish there had been something like this bracelet around when I was younger. I suffer from bad PMS and just knowing how cynical and normal it is could have spared me (and my family) a LOT of grief."

- Myriam


"This nifty bracelet is sly; it looks so simple but the lesson taught is profound. Well worth the money. Thanks for creating and sharing this piece. I also really like the positivity surrounding it on the website and social media accounts."

- Fran 


"My Godmother got me one of these bracelets and I'm so thankful she did. I'm like the period expert now with all my friends. I know what to expect throughout the month and can easily recognize signs of PMS in myself and my circle and my period doesn't surprise me anymore, which it used to all the time. It has made me more understanding that we all have bad days and I think that's really important. I try to be more supportive of my friends on their 'black' days and lie low during mine." 

- Mimi, 16


"This is so creative! I've never heard of anything like this product before, what an awesome and educational idea!"



"Thank you for creating this bracelet. I understand it and myself so well now where as before I swear, I was clueless. It's like my new best friend. Seriously. " - Tiffany, age 19, University of Alabama sophomore