Valentine for a Teen Girl

Valentines Day is a celebration mainly of romantic love but love of all kinds deserve honour and celebration. 

Why not celebrate the magnificent young woman that is your daughter (niece, student, cousin, little sister, - insert any relationship where you care and want her to be prepared and confident) with a gift that will keep on giving for months and months to come, literally?

A Female Empowerment Bracelet is a thoughtful gift when passed down from an older woman to a young woman just as she begins to mature and bloom.  When the wisdom of experience is shared, the receiver will benefit greatly.  Adolescence is a transitional phase which is often fraught with anxiety and many questions and often misinformed answers from well-meaning peers.  Giving her a bracelet that she can carry away with her and investigate at her own leisure as she becomes more fully aware of the changes within her on a cyclical basis can erase some of the anxiety and answer important questions. There is peace of mind for both giver and receiver in such crucial matters as female fertility and a healthy body consciousness and self-image. Understanding how her body is working and what to expect when she's NOT expecting is vital information that all young women should receive. By giving her a Feby bracelet you are gifting her with the profound knowledge that you care and want nothing more than for her to live an informed life making decisions that are in her best interests. 

The above picture shows a coming-of-age valentine gift which includes:

  • Female Empowerment Bracelet

  • A DivaCup and some DivaWash, because it's never to early to start with the best.

  • A few chocolates because it wouldn't be Valentines without chocolate and who needs an excuse for chocolate anyway?

  • 3 Love Tokens to be redeemed for a massive bear hug, a dinner and movie night and a girl talk.

The total price of this gift is $65 Canadian and will last far longer than these equally priced and unimaginative gift items (however lovely they may be). Flowers wither and die, chocolates get consumed rather quickly and unhealthy and perfume is delightful but undoubtedly won't have the same profound and positive effect as our suggested gift from the period fairy.


Feby Inc. is based in Canada and with the exchange rate being what it is, a Female Empowerment Bracelet can be purchased and including shipping will cost the giver less than $10 US.  

What are you waiting for? Order one today and make your own empowering gift basket for that special young woman.