The Period Game is a Game Changer

It has come to my attention this week that a magnificent board game called 'The Period Game' is in existence. As the name suggests, this is a game that attempts to explain the process of menstruation in a fun and engaging matter for young girls.

It was created by two students, Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy at The Rhode Island School of Design as a project for their class. They recognized that there is no standardized way of teaching girls about menstruation and so have attempted to fill that void. They also aspire to help remove the stigma and uncomfortableness often associated with conversations about menstruation. 

The premise is bright, fun and appropriate for the subject - the board game itself is red, white and pink and the players must spin one of two ovaries to release a marble after choosing one of four playing pieces: a tampon, menstrual cup, sanitary napkin or underwear.


If a white marble is discharged then the player simply moves ahead one space; however, if a red marble is released, the player goes to the next period space on the board, with the first one being Menarche. 

The game comes with "Preparation" , "Protection" and specialty cards that offer helpful advice and information like take a hot bath when you're suffering from PMS or pack extra undies just in case. Also included are two information booklets that explain the menstrual process in greater detail.  

I feel these game developers are kindred spirits as I too created something with the same goals in mind, albeit on a smaller level. It is definitely true that there should be a standardized method of teaching girls the world over about this natural and universal subject and it still makes me shake my head that there isn't. 

The game is unfortunately not available yet for purchase as the creators, now graduates, are searching for licensing partners to make their dream a reality. Do you know anybody in that business sphere? Head on over to The Period Game to make a connection.