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World Menopause Day


October has been dedicated as Menopause Awareness Month and today, October 18th, is World Menopause Day.

Menopause is defined as the absence of periods for 12 months and the average age for a woman to go through it is 51 but just as the age for menarche (first period) varies from woman to woman, so too does menopause.

I personally am experiencing what is known as perimenopause - this is the transition stage before menopause where a woman can still get her period but it is erratic. It is a whole new can of worms and the irony of it is I created and market a product that assists women in tracking their cycles when I never know when Aunt Flo will show up or indeed if she ever will again. One of my best friends is in her mid to late 50’s and still get her period like clockwork whereas one of my sister-in-laws went through menopause at 35, one at 42 after she had her tubes tied after giving birth via Cesarean and one at 53. You just never know!

Some women go through menopause very early on; one in 1000 women will go through menopause before the age of 30 and you can read about one woman’s experience with that in this article from the BBC.

Like pretty much everything surrounding menstruation, menopause is a female condition that is not talked about openly or often enough and when it is talked about it is frequently regarded with negative connotations much like periods are.

Fortunately we live in a world full of educated and passionate activists who wish to change the conversation on all things menstrual related including menopause and what better day to catch up on what is happening in that regard than today?

Did you know that there was a slew of ‘Menopause Cafes’ held across the UK in 2018? The purpose of these cafes is “to increase awareness of the impact of the menopause on those experiencing it, their friends, colleagues and families, so that we can make conscious choices about this third stage of life.

A Menopause Cafe is a group directed discussion of menopause with no agenda, objectives or themes. It is a discussion group rather than a support or counselling session. We usually split into small groups and you are welcome to just listen, although we hope you will join in on discussions.”

And building on the popularity and need for such events, there is actually going to be a Menopause Festival in 2019 also in the United Kingdom. It seems many activists live and work in the wonderful UK and if you do , and you think this is something you would be interested in, or know someone who would be, check it out here.

The Become company has created some awesome under garments that helps reduce hot flashes in 95% of women.

“Every single body that has ovaries is going to go through menopause. That’s just a fact.”

So say the remarkable duo of Sasha Davies and Nancy Nowacek who have created a guide to menopause because they realized that most of us have not been educated of this certain eventuality. You can donate to their kickstarter campaign and get yourself a copy.

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If you are in, or approaching, menopause I highly recommend this book.

It is a very witty and funny romp through one woman’s experience with “the menopause” that will find you laughing and commiserating with in equal measure.

Pick up your copy here.

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This helpful nonfiction tome

is written by a female doctor and the suggestions and information she provides promises to help you “breeze through menopause the natural way.”

If you like a great deal, this book can be had for less than a specialty coffee at your local coffeeshop by clicking here.


I learned about this special day, along with so much more, from my involvement with the Menstrual Heath Hub. If you world like to join this amazing organization I encourage you to watch their brief video and join us!

Well, the day is almost done but I hope you had a good one. I’ll leave you with this little joke that made me chuckle. It reminded me of a line from the above mentioned book ‘The Madwoman in the Volvo’ which I will paraphrase.

Menopause isn’t all bad. Now I can be just as selfish as everybody else!
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