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Full Moon Fever or Ovulation?

There is a full moon all over the world tonight. Not all at the same time of course; as I write this the moon will already be setting in Australia and Asia and rising in Europe. But the moon will be full and powerful and mystical as it has been every 29.5 days since the beginning of time. Tonight there will also be a lunar eclipse, but unfortunately will not be visible from North America as it will occur before the moon ascends into the night sky. Those lucky enough to be living in Europe, Asia and Africa should be able to steal a glance at this celestial show. Tonight’s full moon is also known as the ‘pink’ moon, not because it will appear pinkish in colour though, but simply because that is the name given to the first full moon of spring.

The moon is the celestial body that orbits around earth, our seductive satellite.  We may never know the depth of influence or lure it commands over our bodies and emotions but there are some things we do know and they include:

The words month and menstruation are derived from the word moon. Online Etymology Dictionary

The lunar effectMarked personality changes occur highlighting deviant and aggressive behaviour.

Lunatic: derives from Latin for luna, from the belief that lunacy fluctuated with the phases of the moon.

Lunitidal Interval — The period of time that occurs between the Moon passing over a point on Earth and the next high tide for that point.

Beach Pollution is worse during a full moon. Livescience

Full moon sends more dogs and cats to the emergency room. Livescience

The full moon is the natural occurring lunar phase for ovulation.  If you are ovulating at this time you are in lunar synchronicity. If we were in menstrual synchrony all women of reproductive age would be experiencing ovulation this week. According to Moonsong ”Our biological blueprint is to ovulate when there is the most light in the night sky – the full moon. This then leads to the bleeding time corresponding with the dark moon. We have a physiological feedback loop in our bodies that regulates our melatonin production, which influences many things including the hormones that ripen and release an egg from our ovary, according to the amount of light we are exposed to at night. With electricity and the resulting and increasing light pollution, as well as the physical stresses of travel, modern life and the chemical pollutants in the environment that we ingest and breathe, women now bleed and ovulate not only at different times to each other (unless they live together), also at different times to the moon’s signals.”

There is even a gadget that will help you realign your menstrual cycle with the moon cycles through light therapy called Luness.

It is not necessary to ovulate at this time of the lunar cycle but knowing whenyou ovulate is beneficial for personal well-being, making smart decisions and body awareness.

There are approximately 2 billion women on the planet of reproductive age and scholars suggest 25% of these women are menstruating at any given time.  Please take a moment and submit your cycle position on the poll below and help us discover how many sisters and synchronized.