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Do You Agree That Feminine Hygiene Products Should NOT be Taxes?

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Menstruating is hardly a choice and buying products that manage menstruation is certainly a necessity, yet the federal government of Canada charges GST on these products. This has long been a cause for consternation, but now there is something we can do about it. Jill Piebiak has recently launched a campaign to get the GST on feminine hygiene products eliminated. 

Paying a few extra cents at the drug store may not seem like a lot and perhaps not worth making a big fuss about, but when you figure all the women of menstruating age who must do the same it surely adds up. According to the petition the federal government raises approximately 36 MILLION dollars annually through the tax on tampons, pads, menstrual cups and the like. Furthermore, items such as incontinence pads and even wedding cakes are not charged the GST so it doesn't make sense why necessities for managing menstruation are. Some opponents of this taxation insist that it is in fact discriminatory against women. Removing the taxation of these items will benefit all women and will be especially appreciated by women with low incomes. When you calculate the costs over a lifetime of menstruation (approximately 40 years) this will add up to great savings benefit for all.

There have been previous and ongoing attempts in Australia and Britain to eliminate the taxes on feminine hygiene products, with amusing lines like "There is no womb in society for a tampon tax" , "It's a bleeding disgrace" and "#BloodyOutrage". 

Wouldn't it be marvelous if Canada could be the first country to actually change the system from a grassroots level?  

If you agree that feminine hygiene products are a necessity and should not be taxed, please join me and sign the petition. Better yet, after signing, please circulate the petition amongst your friends and colleagues and get them to sign it too. Together we can make a difference.