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Bloody Brilliant Period Documentary

         Still taken from 'The Week' by the Thinx team. 

         Still taken from 'The Week' by the Thinx team. 

This is an amazing documentary about menstruation and the stigmas and taboos that still surround it. In fact, Miki Agrawal, the founder and social entrepreneur of Thinx period underwear and the narrator of this video states that the she discovered that the word taboo itself stems from the word tapau which means menstruation. She is incredulous as she states this fact and I couldn't help but be too. Periods are a natural monthly process that women have been going through since the beginning of time and still, in 2015, it is considered taboo to discuss them in many cultures, even our own depending on the time, place and audience. This video is doing it's part to help break that taboo but unfortunately, as the contents of this video show,  there is still a long way to go.

At one point they go to the streets of New York, undoubtedly one of the most cosmopolitan and modern cities of the world, and asked random men what they know about periods. I was flabbergasted when a seemingly older professional man said he thought that periods were brought on by stress! What? Seriously? 

As you probably know by now since you're reading this, I believe the Female Empowerment Bracelet can do its part by informing young women of what to expect when they're NOT expecting. The lack of knowledge surrounding the entire menstrual problem is still a problem all over the world, including places we think are highly evolved and progressive like the Canada, Great Britain and the good old US of A

Please watch the video below and let me know what you think in the comments section. 

Breaking Code to Win

Recently on an episode of Celebrity Apprentice there was an incident which really piqued me.

The two teams were in the board room with Donald Trump and others and the following went down:

The Donald asked Vivica A. Fox if there was any member of her team she would like to send home and she said yes, Shawn Johnson. When Mr. Trump asked her why she said: 

"She had a monthly problem that was bothering her and I just felt like she was not herself."

She went on further to say "She got her damn period!"

By the look on Olympic medalist Shawn's face, you could tell she couldn't believe that Vivica had called her out for having her period. 

I understand that this "game" is about winning and all but shouldn't one's allegiance to the sisterhood still be strong? 

I personally don't think I would mind if anybody called me out for not feeling my best due to Aunt Flo's visit but we're all different and if a woman isn't comfortable having millions of people know about the arrival of her period, I think that should be respected. Do you think Vivica broke girl code? 

Later in the episode after they left the board room Shawn called Vivica out on just this and said she would have preferred if she had said she wasn't feeling well. Shawn believed that what Vivica did was "trashy."

So, I'm wondering how you all feel about this. Would you be pissed if somebody did this sort of thing to you or would you just shrug and blow it off?


Posted on January 16, 2015 .