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'The Period Poem'

Today my world was completely rocked by this amazing woman, Dominque Christina, and her fierce performance of and powerfully passionate words in 'The Period Poem'.

The entire poem is highly quotable with such intense passages as the following:

There is for me a necessary conversation that seeks to undermine the shaming that happens for some girls around menstruation.
Blood is the biggest siren and we understand that blood misbehaves, it does not wait for a hand signal or a welcome sign above the door and when you deal in blood over and over again like we do, when it keeps you returning to you, well, that makes you a warrior.
Women, made of moonlight magic and macabre will make you learn the blood.

Honestly, I could quote the whole bloody brilliant piece but please watch it for yourself, but be forewarned it is NSFW.

If this enthrals you as much as did me, please visit Sister Outside Poetry to learn more about Dominique and her slam poetry partner Denise Frohman.