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Welcome Spring & International Day of Happiness

Today winter is officially over and spring begins. Yay! Whoop whoop!  2015 was the coldest winter I can ever remember and the record books confirm this so goodbye and good riddance to Elsa and the old man. It is time for the yearly renewal of the life-force of Mother Nature and all her colourful splendour. I'm sick of snow. 

The simple fact that it is spring today makes me so incredibly happy which is opportune as it is officially the International Day of Happiness. 

To help spread the joy here are a few of my favourite quotes on happiness. 

I like these because they speak of acceptance and action and I completely agree that being happy means being accepting of yourself and others and doing something productive and/or positive with your time. (I say that because dancing isn't necessarily productive but it sure feels great!)

Little actions and words can have lasting and great results. I think it's always best to live a hopeful life and know that every kindness is admirable and has value. Today I plan on spending time together with my 16-year old daughter doing stuff that makes her happy (which either means going to the mall, a movie or giving each other manis and pedis) and simply enjoying her last weekday of March break. Ensuring her happiness fills my cup. I will also cook a nice meal for my family which hopefully makes them feel good and loved, which is what they are but I don't always have the time or inclination to show it. Today I'll make an extra effort and the meal will be infused with love and good intentions. (Not that my husband will taste it cuz he drowns everything is hot sauce.) 

Are you doing anything special to recognize the International Day of Happiness? Please share in the comments below.

Just for fun please enjoy this playlist I made with 22 of the grooviest songs around to inspire you to dance, laugh, sing and generally make happy. 

Happy day! Happy spring!