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5 Must Read Books

There is nothing quite as empowering as reading

and there is nothing quite as enjoyable as curling up with a good book, one that introduces you to unique and compelling characters who struggle with circumstances you can never imagine, or perhaps can imagine only too well as something similar happened to you. Hopefully by the end of the story you have made a new or two. Studies show that reading novels builds empathy, as we learn about the conflicts other people (either real or imagined) have survived and we learn a little about humanity and feel part of something bigger than our own little lives.   

Below are some books I've recently read and enjoyed thoroughly and hope you may as well. The heroines of the novels are all young and sassy and their voices ring authentic and heartfelt and spending time with them was a real treat. 

These books are not necessarily recent releases, just ones I've recently read so the pleasure of their company is fresh in my mind and I wanted to share.     


Happy reading beautiful people! 

I hope April is good for you.