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Permission Granted

I came upon this beautiful poem while reading the book "Back to Joy", edited by June Cotner.
I hope you find it as inspirational and eloquent as I do. 

Permission Granted 


Why is it that we never feel entitled,

To take care of ourselves,

When we most need care?

Even the storm takes care of itself,

Raining until there is no more rain,

Not asking anyone's permission,

To light up the sky, fill the gutters, and leak into the kitchen.

A storm has come into your life, wreaking havoc and chaos,

And you're the one needing permission?

You have it:

Permission to feel afraid, but not feel conquered by your fears,

Permission to feel overwhelmed, but not undone,

Permission to pause, shed a few tears, take a break,

Permission to sit with a cup of coffee and find the still centre of yourself -

In the eye of the storm -

where all your strength lies in waiting.

Storms come and pass, and you are stronger

because of them.

It's stormy now.

You have permission to feel the power of the storm,

and seek the shelter within yourself.


- Susan Koefod

Posted on August 2, 2018 .