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A Trio of Period Songs

Songs about menstruation appears to be a trend that’s growing and we can get behind 100 percent. The latest addition to this genre is the following uploaded to YouTube this week by Lena D.

This is a new favourite as the entire song – melody and lyrics – are so celebratory and shameless of menstruation (at least upon close).


                  lyrics to ‘Period Piece’.

What is this feeling that I have inside?

It makes me feel gloomy

I just want to run and hide

I don’t know why I’m angry

and I don’t know what to do

but I won’t be defeated

somehow I will get through


It’s my period

It’s my period

It’s my pe eer eer e-r-i-o-d.


Five days of bleeding

what could be worse?

I hope I brought a tampon

with me in my bag or purse

I’ll sneek up to the washroom

with some lame excuse

how many layers did I already bleed through?


It’s my period


It’s my per eer eer r-i-o-d.


What should I call it

so nobody knows?

Is it is my shark week

or visit from Aunt Flo?

My jam rag?


bitch ticket


so many things that I could call it

but I won’t hide it

no no noooooooo


It’s my period

It’s my period

It’s my per eer eer r-i-o-d.  

It’s my period

It’s my period

It’s my per eer eer r-i-o-d.

And near the end of the song everybody is strutting and proclaiming loudly and proudly about their per-eer-eer-eer-i-o-d, marching band and all.  Add the closing scene of a Lena smiling as red rose petals fall softly over her and you’ve got yourself a bonafide happy period song.




Previously we tweeted about this catchy song, ‘Shark Week’ by Hand Job Academy which I must warn you is R-Rated and NSFW. Aside from curse words (pun intended) they incorporate some poignant lyrics such as:

“I’m kinda worried about toxic shock

I’ve got a tampon in my box since like 4 o’clock”


“What? Are you scared of this?

Shark week.

It’s just a little blood.

Shark week.

It makes me more powerful.

Shark week.”





Finally I offer you ’28 Days’ by U.S. Girls, a lovely song in the style of 60′s girl band pop with lyrics like:

“Imagine dripping like a faucet

come on with that blood now.”


“Every month I feel it coming

trying to hide the symptoms from you.

Lucky you.”


Together these recent additions to the musical landscape are giving us menstrual educators and activists a perfectly synched sound track. Thanks to all the artists for their inspiration, creativity and song.

I think these songs are bloody brilliant!

Do you know of any other period related new tunes? If so, please share.

Posted on October 25, 2013 .