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Happy Peace Day

Today is International Day of Peace as sanctioned by the United Nations in 2002. 

It's one of my favourite days of the year.

It is inclusive of every one no matter their race, religion, age or sex.

Peace is the ultimate goal, the final destination on this crazy planet and hopefully many of our decisions and actions are done with this intention. 

I work in the name of peace. My olive branch is a bracelet and my design is to provide understanding which is so important as it's a prelude to peace. Knowledge really is power and when than knowledge is over yourself you are powerful in the most intrinsic, influential and necessary way. It is only once you make peace with yourself can you begin to bring peace to others. It is not selfish to take care of yourself and be the best you which is what the world needs and serves the greater good. 


If you have the time please enjoy this interesting video that highlights ideas to establishing peace and security for the women of the world. 

I live in Canada which is a peaceful land and while I empathize with those living in war torn countries, it is not my truth and therefore I cannot comment on out of respect. 

But on a personal note, I am hosting a bridal shower today and I think it's ironic that today is also Peace Day. They say charity begins at home and I believe peace begins even closer; within oneself. I love the bride-to-be very much and wish her peace in her everyday life but know she has endured a hard struggle which she battles daily and something as monumental as inner peace seems implausible. But I know in my heart it is possible if she came to the understanding that it is best in life to keep moving forward; that we cannot change our past and wasting energy on it is just that - a waste. Make peace with your past. Put it away and move on. Move forward. Day by day. Night by night. Moment by moment. 

Most especially I wish that she knew how much she is loved and how precious and valued she is.

I wish that for all of us on this day of peace, to know that we are loved and valued. Then maybe we can take that knowledge and make a positive difference.

Peace. Love. Empowerment.