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The Glory of Education

It is with great pleasure and pride that I can inform you that Feby has a new partner in the amazing organization The Glory of Education.  

The Glory of Education is a perfect name for this company which is dedicated to assisting educators in challenging their students' views and behaviours on bullying and sex. By engaging students direction with the use of experimental learning exercises, students feel first-hand the realities and repercussions of bullying and unsafe sexual behaviours. It is their mission to educate students into strong, independent and compassionate adults. 

After travelling the world and witnessing extreme poverty, various forms of discrimination and abuse, founder Christina Theophilos M.Ed., felt motivated to reach out and inspire communities. She believes that by empowering teachers with extensive training and resources on sexuality, bullying, respect and leadership, they will be better equipped to deal with the issues that weigh heavily on our youth. 



The Glory of Education also offers a multitude of student presentations including those listed above along with LGBT Awareness, HPV Awareness and Drug + Alcohol Abuse.

Watch this video to see how Christina challenges and inspires her students in one of her many presentations. 

Christina understands that students need more than just sex education (although that is always very necessary) but that kids also need to be inspired and intrinsically motivated to use protection and make responsible choices. This is why she also teaches a component of self-love, respect for others and leadership as a process of aligning oneself with our true selves (which can also be accomplished with the use of yoga.) 

Along with the teacher and student workshops, The Glory of Education also offers some compelling and affordable resource tools such as 15 different posters to download and print for just $2 each such as this one on the 5 reasons for unplanned pregnancy. 

I couldn't be more delighted that Christina will also be incorporating the Female Empowerment Bracelet as a resource tool for many of her workshops.  She, like myself, believes  that understanding and accepting the menstrual cycle is crucial for a young woman to have a positive relationship with her body and self. 

I look forward to an empowering fellowship with Christina and The Glory of Education.   

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