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Happy 2019

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Happy New Year! 2019 is here. Whoo hoo!

It’s time to start something new and trust in the magic of beginnings.

It’s time to really and truly and deeply and unconditionally love your own sweet self.

It’s time to have a love affair with your life.

It’s time to say goodbye to people and situations that hurt or hinder your happiness.

It’s time to embrace people who open their arms and their hearts and their homes to you.

It’s time to shine that special light you have inside of you and see how much you can illuminate the world.

Imagine a future where there are no limits on who you can become and what you can achieve. Each time you find yourself saying ‘but’ to the ideas you have for your vision, release yourself from your preconceived limits and give yourself permission to achieve your true potential.
— Domonique Bertolucci

You are pretty wonderful just the way you are and don’t need to go changing anything. Even though the new year seems an ideal time to make resolutions and intentions and all that jazz I hope you don’t feel obliged to do so. If you want to improve upon yourself, well by all means, but please don’t for a moment think that you have to change. Try and remember that confidence is contagious and self-esteem is sexy.

I sincerely hope you just live your best life, do what makes you happy and spread a little joy and sunshine to those less fortunate.

Let 2019 be your best year yet.

Posted on January 2, 2019 .

Hello 2016

Happy New Year, sweet people!

I hope this New Years day finds you feeling well after a night of celebration hopefully doing whatever makes you happy. I am vacationing with my family in the Turks & Caicos, a place I've never been before, and witnessed the most awesome fireworks display I have ever seen in my 50 years. This beautiful tiny island nation of 33 thousand souls put on a pyrotechnic party that puts great cities to shame. Check out this quick little movie I made with clips from my iPhone.

Just like the dazzling display of last night, I welcome 2016 with fire and hope.

I'm not crazy about resolutions and found this lovely quote while suffering from post-party instomnia* last night.  

"Ditch the resolutions.

To resolve means to find a solution to a problem.

You are not a problem.

The way you showed up for your life the past year

was necessary for your growth.

Now is a time to reflect. To learn.

To create an intention, a positive call to shift,

a spark of magic + manifestation

rooted in self-love

and backed with action."

Danielle Doby/Tribe


So instead of resolutions,  how about setting some intentions for 2016 instead? 

Mine appear simple and yet require commitment and energy. My goal is to start strong and gain strength as I go. 

To move more. I'm not going to say "going to the gym" because sometimes just taking my loving dog for a brisk walk in the snow provides more endorphins and makes me feel more alive than a weight lifting session ever could.

To listen deeper. I will admit that I am a pretty good listener. I focus when somebody takes the time to tell me something. I remember things they say that perhaps even they forget (hint - this makes gift giving much easier, especially for the difficult sort). I want to hone this skill even more. I wish to provide an open heart and mind for whomever wishes to unburden themselves to me and for them to feel heard. It takes a special kind of listening to feel heard. I aim to own that special kind of ear. 

I am committed to connecting and engaging with more people, about more matters, than ever - and not just via social media but irl. I vow to accept more invitations and plan a few outings myself and invite friends and neighbours I've lost touch with. I duly acknowledge that I have nobody to blame but myself for these untethered relations and hope to get them back and better than ever. 

As mentioned above, 2016 is the year I shall turn 50. I am not upset about this, nor terrified about aging. In fact, I welcome the maturity and wisdom that has been hard won thus far. A few wrinkles on my face or grey hairs on my head do not make me feel less than. I wish I could bottle this absence of care and gift my friends and family with it, especially those so insecure that they fail to enjoy all the blessings they have been bestowed with for fear of looking less than. I am also grateful for my health and lack of pain and know this shall not last forever and enjoy each and every single day that it does.

How about you, dear friend? Any intentions for 2016 you would like to share? 

* The inability to sleep due to obsession with instagram. 

Posted on January 1, 2016 .