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MidSummer August New Moon Sister Birthday Specialness

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Hello friend! Happy August to you!

Isn’t August a wonderful month? It’s one of my favourite months - alongside January, February, March da da da . . .

I love all the months and seasons and delight in the extreme temperature changes and storms but August has been especially good to me and holds a special place in my heart.


August Women I love & celebrate

My mother will be celebrating her 80th turn around the sun on the 24th, in Liverpool, watching the home team play Arsenal at Anfield. I will be joining her along with a handful of relatives and friends but more on that another time.

My little sister was born on the 1st in 1972.

My sister-in-law entered this world on the 5th in 1961.

I was born on the 19th of this month back in 1966.

Right now I would like to take a moment of your time and celebrate the high frequency and specialness of this day on this planet in this universe and not just for my family but for all of us.

Today is the middle day of summer; we have lived as many days of summer 2019 as are left.

Middle is a lovely place to be, to sit and look around because you can see on all sides, your view expands. I believe middle dwellers see the most. Are you a middle dweller?

Whoever you are I hope you have rejoiced in the sunshine and laughed a lot, perhaps you have enjoyed an ice cream or frozen treat, had a bbq, did a little wild swimming, sunbathed and moonbathed in equal measure, grown and picked flowers in happy colours and given a few to people you love, (even if you don’t grow them, it’s always a good idea to gift flowers. They make everyone a little happier for a while.)

My point is I hope you have lived a lot. This is our only life, let’s be sure to LIVE it and not hide behind screens and filters. I want a three dimensional life - especially in summer when the sun and the warmth in Toronto allows me to roll down my windows and LISTEN to the sound of the city. I love the sound of motorcycles as they rumble pass in their low key high volume way. I dig listening to what other drivers are listening to in their vehicles, sharing via the open window that actually means an open window and not some computer kidnapping of the word.

The warm weather invites lingering .

If you haven’t had a chance to stop, be quiet, listen, breathe, calibrate your senses to your inner code knowing as you do that you are the coder.


The symbolism of the new moon is a fresh start, a beginning of another rotation between the moon and sun.

Ahead, there are 45 more days of summer to savour.What do you want to do? Have you thought about that much? Forget what the world is doing. I believe that only when we disconnect from technology and outer sources of noisy distraction can we completely and clearly hear our intuition speaking to us. It’s always there, but usually we’re too busy and our life is too loud to hear the hushed urgings of the inner. The soul. The core of a human. What does your soul yearn for? What would get you jumping out of bed in the morning to get back to it? What is your passion? How best will you serve yourself and your potential and also add to the greater good?

Please, I implore you, don’t just skim read this and delete. Take a moment. Reflect. If not now, make a date with yourself in the next day or two and commune with your true self.

Whatever you find there or maybe you don’t have to think too hard because you know, well just go ahead and allow yourself to pursue that dream. It doesn’t have to be a full time or financial decision, it could perhaps be to write, or paint, or take pictures, or do anything creative. It could mean taking a tiny put powerful step in the direction of your dream, like sending an email or writing a poem or calling an old friend. Every journey begins with one step and continues in the same manner.

It’s our time. Now. Let’s seize the day! Let’s make the world a better place.

As the new moon of last night coincides nicely with the new month of August, today is spectacularily bestowed with good karma to set a new intention for the month and the moon.

30 days.

How will you use them?

Thirty summer days and thirty summer nights.

I hope they are good.

Godspeed to you my friend; pleasant journey.



Posted on August 1, 2019 .

New Year, New Moon, New Adventures


Today will see the earth and all her inhabitants enjoying the first new moon of the New Year. This time in the lunar cycle can be considered a new beginning; a time to start afresh. Many women enjoy and benefit from using the energy of the new moon to set some intentions in their life for the next 30 day cycle while also taking the time to reflect on the past 30 days. 

New Years resolutions grab a lot of headlines and that's all well and good but I have found that having small but meaningful intentions are more manageable and achieve a better success rate. And each victory, however small, leads us ever closer to the ultimate gold. For example, say your ultimate goal is to write a book. I suggest that instead of making a resolution to "write a book" which is daunting and bound to make you feel completely alone and frustrated, break it down to "write 25 pages between now and the next new moon (Thursday Feb 15)". By setting smaller goals for yourself you achieve two things - the first being that this objective won't fill you with dread (or should't) because you're not asking too much of yourself, and secondly,  the sense of pride and accomplishment you feel when you achieve it will fill you up and motivate you for the next cycle. Before you know it, you'll have written a book. 

There are lots of suggestions on the internet about how one can go about celebrating and honouring the new moon, among there are saying prayers to the moon like this one,


Prayer from

and having a new moon bath ritual. If you're fortunate to have windows around or near your bath, make sure the curtains are open so you can let in as much natural light as possible (even if it's mostly starlight).

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest


Whether you make a conscious effort to honour and acknowledge the moon cycles with a small and intimate ceremony, or just continue on your everyday routine, the fact remains that this particular phase of the moon brings with it many gifts. 

This time is known to be the beginning of new relationships and adventures. I encourage everyone to never close their hearts or minds to either.  

Positive changes are believed to be easier to make happen now thanks to the energy of the moon and a little willpower. 

Decide what you want to achieve and focus on the 3 R's - 



take note of what 

you're grateful for, 

what you want to release 

and what you want to



I hope you find contentment, abundance and success during this lunar cycle. 

Posted on January 16, 2018 .