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Late Night Movie Review

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The newly released movie ‘Late Night’ starring the delightful duo of Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling is an intelligent, well-acted, well-written and well-paced gem that is worth both your money and time.

I have long been a fan of Dame Emma Thompson; from her early days in the brilliant ‘Dead Again’ and hilarious ‘Junior’. Her wit, warmth and the twinkle in her eye make her utterly likable and relatable and she has achieved a level of success few attain, amongst the stars - Oscar, BAFTA Award, she’s a Dame omg!

She plays the lead in this movie, Katherine Newbury who has been the host of a late night talk show for decades. Her boss (played with a smoldering intensity by Amy Ryan) informs her that the current season will be her last. Katherine is thunderstruck that the most important thing in the world to her, her show, is being taken away. She must face the truth of sliding ratings and relevance, which she does but being the striver of excellence that she claims to be she also recognizes that she must DO something. She will not go gently into that good night.

Enter Mindy Kaling, a newly hired writer who brings with her an earnestness her boss finds annoying and isn’t afraid to tell her starstruck new hire self. Mindy’s character Molly Patel also possesses loads of youthful enthusiasm and fresh ideas and isn’t afraid to voice them either.

The movie is sharp and speaks eloquently to the starring role that aging plays for women in society today while it should really only be a supporting or bit player. But what I appreciated most about this lovely film is the relationship between Molly and Katherine which resembled a romance between women. They start in a power imbalance with Katherine being the well known and rewarded *Star and Molly a first-time writer having coming directly from a job for quality control at a chemical plant. Their relationship is complex and the scenes between the two have a crackling energy that aces the Bechdel test with flying colours.

For those who don’t feel like clicking and need a reminder, in order to pass the Bechdel test the rules are:

1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it

2. Who talk to each other

3. About something besides a man

This movie achieves that desired result and then some; the two female leads are charismatic and enjoy an entirely plausible relationship that is based squarely on their talents and quirky personalities. For this we have the brilliant Mindy Kaling to thank as she wrote this charming and smart movie and I honestly hope she writes more movies and fills the theatres with more smart and snappy female heavy movies.

Posted on July 3, 2019 .

Les Femmes Underground and Feby


Earlier this summer I became aware of an awesome feminist film organization entitled Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival and was so excited and inspired by their mission and moxie that Feby is an official sponsor of the 2018 festival which takes place this Saturday September 1st in Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix Centre for the Arts.

This organization was founded just a few years ago in 2015 and this is their mission: 

Les Femme Underground Manfesto:

1. Equip , inform, influence, and mobilize women in underground media. 

2. Transform the landscape of cinema for women by creating opportunities and forums that accurately represent them.

3. Generate innovative programming which brings back the 'Riot Grrrl' mentality in the art world, thereby pushing and inspiring women to acquire more opportunities.

It may seem like an odd couple, a film festival and bracelet about the menstrual cycle,  but many of the films that are screened at this festival (along with other sponsors) have menstruation and the normalizing of it as a general theme. This makes a lot of sense when you think about  Fourth Wave Feminism (the current wave) and the voices of it that are growing ever louder and bolder concerning menstruation and the stigma and shame that has been surrounding this essential and natural biological fact of female existence since the beginning of time. Add to the #smashtheshame mentality the very real and wonderful fact that finally many governments and institutions are acknowledging that period products should not be considered luxuries but essential necessities for all women regardless of class, colour or religion and you've got a verifiable cultural shift, one Feby is thrilled to be a part of, however small. 

One of the movies screening at the festival is Entropia. (check out the trailer below). This is a film about " what a woman is willing to go through in order to gain her youth back. Scene after flesh crawling scene we experience our protagonist (played by the ever talented Sissy O’Hara) battling menopause using methods that are, to say the least, unorthodox. With the support of her taxidermied friends and a few brews of tampon tea, it finally works. Bring on the menstruation celebration!!" How bloody fitting eh? 

The festival director Edda Manrique even made a video showcasing our bracelets :) Thanks Edda! @lesfemmesundergroundfilmarts @lefuff_film

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend but if any of you lovely people are in the Phoenix area I encourage you to show up and enjoy as many of the fierce feminist films as you can which is a lot - according to their event page "Les Femmes Underground International film festival features films from over 30 different countries ranging in genres from Documentary, Experimental, Narrative, Horror, Female Sexuality, and our own concoction Psychotropic."

There also is what promises to be an empowering pop up shop with many female focused products and organizations including Go With the Flow AZ  and  Very Awesome Girls   and TheKittyCult

Check out specific information here



you decide to do this long weekend, I wish you a healthy and happy Labour Day! 

Posted on August 30, 2018 .

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is the Happiest Movie of the Year!

Found this fabulous GIF on Mashable and it just encapsulates the joy of this movie so well :)

Found this fabulous GIF on Mashable and it just encapsulates the joy of this movie so well :)

Delightful. Cheerful. Lively. Perky. Entertaining. Upbeat. Diverting. Amusing. Enjoyable. Happy. Fun. Joyful. Sunny. Peppy. Light. Playful. Sparkling. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is all these things. Sometimes we just want to drop all our troubles and stresses of everyday life and instead  laugh and smile and feel real joy in our hearts and bodies and this movie makes that happen. 

Yesterday I went to see a matinee showing in Toronto with my mom, my mother-in-law and my youngest daughter. Our age range was 19 to 82. We all completely loved this movie and we were in a great mood afterwards, giggling and singing like school girls all the way home.


The acting is good. Let's be honest, nobody is going to be getting an Academy Award nomination for their role in this film, not even the oft-nominated Meryl Streep, but that certainly doesn't mean that the entire cast didn't rise to the occasion and make their part a wonderful and integral component of the joyous perfection that is this cinematic marvel.  The stand-outs for me were Lily James who was a pure delight as the young Donna, bringing a contagious grin and adventurous spirit to the part,  Julie Waters who can do deadpan comedy with the best of the best and Colin Firth for whom I would have paid the full admittance just to see him dance with such joyful abandon as intimated in the GIF above. Trust me, it's worth the $10 and two hours and then some ;)

This movie should win some sort of award for making the audience feel good.
— My mom

So, if you're in need of a good laugh and want to feel good (and really, who doesn't?) I urge you to take a chance on this movie. 

Let us know what you think if you do go see it.

Peace + Love + Abba forever!