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Today is the first ever #NationalPeriodDay and while it is sad that some unfortunate souls suffer from period poverty - meaning they don’t have the means necessary to successfully manage their menstruation - it is encouraging to note that this problem is being taken very seriously.

New York State is the first state of the 50 United States that just made disclosing the ingredients in periods and pads mandatory AND they also will provide free products in their public schools for students in grade 6 through 12. I am sure many people are feeling serious gratitude about these changes and optimism that other states will soon follow New York’s lead.

Canada has proposed a law to provide free menstrual products to federal government workers and private universities are taking it upon themselves to have products available to their students but as of this writing, it is still a school by school endeavour.

Take a moment with me and imagine a perfect world where menstrual products are provided free throughout the land in all public washrooms including schools, libraries, community centres, museums, stadiums, courthouses, transportation facilities including stations and on trains/planes/buses etc., and also in privately owned establishments such as malls, restaurants, cinemas, pubs…ad infinitum. What I’m talking about here is a world where pads and tampons are deemed as necessary as toilet paper because they are!

Well, that dream can become a reality and this first #NationalPeriodDay is one of the first steps in that direction. Now, it is up to advocates, lawmakers and YOU to keep working to make this happen. Besides sharing your voice and dollars to support organizations that are fighting period poverty, please try and do what you can in your own community. Do you notice there is nothing provided in your place of work? Bring it up with a superior or your Human Resources department. In addition, make products available in your home washroom for friends or family members in need.

You could also wear a pin on your clothes or purse that state “I carry menstrual products” or just a red button that signifies the same to those in the know. This would mean that you would always carry spare tampons or pads in your purse and are willing to give them to anyone who has the savvy to ask.

Swim Darling, Swim

What will she think of next?

We are so lucky to be alive at this time in history for innumerable reasons but one is the fact that periods and bleeding and how we deal with it is getting a lot of coverage.

YaY! Finally! Only took over two thousand years.

Considering half the population has to deal with such issues for about half of their life, let’s take a moment and recognize and celebrate the fact that this decade is the one where menstruation is finally being spoken of in a full voice and amid mixed company. The struggle was real but we are taking back our bodies NOW! Whoop. Yes!

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The latest product to come to my attention is period swimwear. Have you heard of it?

The concept is to donne a swimsuit that you can wear on the beach and in the water with no leaking, tell-tale tampon strings sticking out or bulky, water-soaked pads weighing you down. Basically, you can swim to your heart’s content and be confident that nobody will know your are on your period and bleeding. If that is what stopping you from enjoying the pool or beach this summer then why not give these babies a try? I think these are an absolutely perfect idea for the new bleeders out there; wouldn’t a bathing suit that promised protection ease some adolescent anxiety?

If you’re curious as to exactly how these work and what to expect, give this informative and helpful video a view:

Swimming is my favourite sport because it is awesome for your body as it utilizes all major muscle groups. It is also an invigorating cardio exercise and it keeps you in touch with your breath even better that yoga or meditation does - if you loose your breathing rhythm you will know it immediately. Gurgle. Cough! Plus this planet is mostly made up of water. Swim wild darling. Swim free. Forget gravity and technology for a while. Suspend. Float. Look up at the sky.

Of course, if you use a menstrual cup like the marvellous DivaCup for example, you already have an option that allows you to do just about ANYTHING you can do every other time of the month. Seriously, why not give one a try? They now come in 3 sizes -

Model 0 - for those under 18

Model 1 - 19-30 with medium flow

Model 2 - 30+ and/or heavy flow

So whether you wear a tampon, a menstrual cup or a period swimsuit, please, don’t let anything stop you from getting out there and enjoying yourself in the water this summer and for all the other summers of your life.

Peace. Love. Swim. Blood.



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The Power of Parsley

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Has anybody ever tried drinking parsley tea to induce menstruation?

My eldest daughter did recently, for the first time in her life, based on advice from a friend and guess what? Within 2 hours she was bleeding. That seemed surprisingly fast. *Esmerelda said she wasn’t due until Friday and here it was, Sunday night at 8.

Is this a little bit of magic or is is mere coincidence? Do you know? Do you have any experience with this, either first person on through the sisterhood?

I hadn’t heard this particular old wive’s tale until *Esmerelda asked me if I had, figuring if anybody would know about the miracle of parsley as it relates to a woman’s period, it would be me; a woman who’s business revolves around menstruation.

Nope. I had not an inkling of the power within this herb from the Mediterranean region. Right now thanks to the capricious and sometimes bitchy nature of Mother Nature, I can’t even experiment with it personally. How will I know if it works when I don’t know when my next period will come, or even if it will. Menopause is having a moment in my life.

So, I’m just sharing the very tiny anecdote and hope that should you find cause to try it, remember me, and share your findings.

Just get some dried parsley, place in a meshy tea infuser and let sit in boiled water for 3 to 5 minutes. *Esmerelda added a hit of lemon juice but disclaimer, she adds a hit of lemon juice to a LOT of stuff. Even so, she said it tasted pretty putrid but then again, this isn’t a tea one makes for enjoyment but rather for the benefits therein.

Photo by  Gaelle Marcel  on  Unsplash

To reiterate, less than 120 minutes after drinking this foul concoction *Esmerelda’s period arrived. For once, it was welcomed with a smile of satisfaction.

Tried or heard about a different means of inducing menstruation? Please do tell.

* My daughter’s name is NOT Esmerelda. Her name has been changed at her request.

Peace, Love & Parsley


Posted on June 15, 2019 .