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Menstrual Hygiene Day 2019

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Tomorrow marks the 5th annual Menstrual Hygiene Day, also known as MHDay.

The ultimate goal is to create a world where no girl and women is limited because of her period. 

Throughout the world there is a lot of progress being made on numerous fronts including education, awareness and accessibility but much more still needs to be done. That is one of the many reasons why I’ll be attending this #MHDay event in Guelph, Ontario.

Anyone in the vicinity is invited to attend what is sure to be an empowering event.

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You can see more about the event here

#NoMoreLimits on Menstrual Hygiene

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Today is the 5th annual Menstrual Hygiene Day! Whoop whoop!! 

MH Day raises awareness of the challenges women and girls worldwide face due to their menstruation and highlights solutions that address these challenges.

It's a pretty great time to be a woman in the world but there is still a LOT of work to be done.

In regards to menstruation, while I am incredibly proud that my homeland,  Canada, has done away with the so-called "tampon tax", the majority of countries around the globe still charge a tax on feminine hygiene products calling them a "luxury".

The very real fact is that every woman between the ages of 12 and 52, or thereabouts, needs products once a month to help manage their monthly bleed. Unfortunately, many women in poor countries cannot afford such necessities (are they therefore a luxury?) and their whole lives can be impacted negatively due to this simple fact. They may opt out of school to save themselves, and by proxy their families, embarrassment should whatever inadequate means they are using leak and their blood is exposed to the general public. 

Also, all too frequently, poor women in some of the poorest nations uses dirty clothes and even mud and leaves to staunch their monthly flow. This is bad for their health for a multitude of reasons, least of which is the lack of sanitation. 

Likewise, many women in developing countries do not have daily access to clean water so how can they possibly clean themselves in dirty water?

As we are seeing is many other aspects of this wonderful world, women are coming together and forming movements to spur change...think of the #TimesUp and #MeToo movement. There is also the #smashtheshame movement which wants menstruation to be a topic that everyone, male or female, can discuss openly without feeling ashamed or told to be quiet. It is unfortunate but many cultures consider menstruation a taboo topic and openly shun women who are menstruating from their homes, schools and religious institutions on the basis that while bleeding they are unclean.  It is only through open communication can we learn and teach and grow and change the uneducated minds that make the rules.

Despite increasing evidence for taking urgent action, menstruation remains a neglected public health, social and educational issue that requires prioritization, investment and concentrated effort at national and local levels.
— Preeti Shakya

Many young women do not learn the basic fundamentals of their monthly periods, and more than we can to know are completely surprised by their first period. These women may have little idea how their monthly cycles affects and can be affected by their general health and fertility. Obviously this is important information that every girl should know. Personally of course, I think each girl on the planet should be given a Female Empowerment Bracelet upon her first period, otherwise known as menarche. Then for the next 4o years or so, until the menopause, she will have an understanding of the subtle but significant changes occurring within her body and what they mean and act according to her own desires. 

This #MHDay won't you join me and spread the word? If you think every girl should have access to education and products for their periods, please be brave and put something on social media about it or simply talk in person with a group or even just one young woman - chances are the conversation will be more welcome and informative than you could even imagine. I have found myself in many discussions with young women just starting their menstrual journey and I am constantly amazed at the seemingly never-ending supply of questions. For many girls, you may be the safest source of information. 

If you would like more information regarding #MHDay please visit their website at 

Also, I am hosting a giveaway with an empowering prize pack. Head on over to giveaway to enter.




MH Day 2017

Tomorrow is the 4th official Menstrual Hygiene Day. As always, it occurs on May 28th and that date is chosen very specifically to represent the 5 days an average woman bleeds out of every 28.

This years theme is education and how important proper menstruation and menstrual hygiene education is. Girls need to understand why they get periods and what they signify and how to best manage their flow based on their circumstances. The more we talk about these things openly, the less stigma surrounds them. The Menstrual Hygiene Day team has created the hashtag #menstrucation which is a play on the words menstruation and education and I think it's perfect. If you're going to share anything on social media, please try and use that hashtag. Let's see if we can get it trending so the whole world knows important it is.

I received an email yesterday from the Menstrual Hygiene Day team and they announced a new alliance between WASH United, Simavi and Global Citizen. 

 The Mission of this new alliance is:

By 2030, menstruation will be a normal fact of life. Every woman and girl will be able to manage her menstruation hygienically, with confidence, with dignity and without stigma.
Visit  The Menstrual Hygiene Alliance  for more information and to get involved. 

Visit The Menstrual Hygiene Alliance for more information and to get involved. 

To further accelerate progress in menstrual hygiene globally, we need to ensure that the topic is a priority not just on MH Day, but every day. That’s why we’re creating the MH Alliance: to catalyse collaboration and coordinated action for MHM all year round. We’re inviting everyone to join and work together to help empower women and girls by making menstruation a normal fact of life. It’s bloody time.”
— Thorsten Kiefer, CEO, WASH United

As Feby is a partner in Menstrual Hygiene Day, we are now also a proud and honoured member of this new alliance.

I have been a member and huge fan of Global Citizen for a few years now and totally respect and encourage all the initiatives this organization does to make the world a better place. I am looking forward to the coming weeks to learn how I can do my little part to help make their ambitious mission concerning better menstrual education and hygiene a reality.

In the meantime, check for events happening in your area and/or make it a point to do something, however small, to help girls become better educated and less embarrassed about menstruation on May 28th.