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Winter Solstice Full Moon Meteor Shower Friday

moon meteor.jpg

Today is a glorious day! A truly spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime kind of day! It is the Winter Solstice, “also known as midwinter, is an astronomical phenomenon marking the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. It occurs when one of the Earth's poles has its maximum tilt away from the Sun.” This also means that autumn is over and it is officially winter!

and technically though it doesnt happen until overnight it is also the last Full Moon of 2018 which is also known as the Cold Moon and the Bitter Moon (for once here in Toronto, it is neither cold nor bitter. Go figure! ) Native Americans aptly call it the Long Night Moon.

and there is presently occurring the Ursid meteor shower which, if you have an optimum viewing situation - made a little difficult due to the aforementioned Full Moon and all the light it imparts, you could possibly see a real cosmic show of up to 10 meteors and shooting stars an hour.

and that’s not all - it is also a Friday or as half the internet calls it Friyay!

and in just a few more sleeps it is Christmas so for a lot of people today is the last day of work for 2018. Wow!

That’s a lot of specialness in one day but when you really stop and think about it, even without all the extra astronomical forces occurring, each day has the potential for a lot of special.

According to women far wiser than me, the winter solstice is a natural time of the year to reflect upon how your year went, areas in your life that you are happy about and the ones which need some tender loving care. A few questions I ask are:

- What was your biggest breakthrough this year?

- What was your biggest setback this year?

- Name a wise decision you made this year?

- What are you most proud of doing this year?

- How do you feel you became more of your authentic self in the past 12 months?

An end of year assessment can help recenter and repurpose the coming new year and renew you with resolve and encouragement to face your challenges with conviction and courage. Just by taking the time to reflect with consideration is doing yourself a wonderful kindness with far reaching benefits. Taking inventory of our habits and relationships and how they serve us, or how they don’t, gives us the wisdom to proceed with a sense of sangfroid laced with steadfastness.

I don’t know about you but I am going to try better than usual to make today extraordinary, not just for myself but for those I am lucky enough to share today with.

Happy #wintersolsticefullmoonmeteorshowerfriyay and most of all


I wish you all a healthy, happy and safe holiday season spent with people who make you laugh.



Posted on December 21, 2018 .