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Lady Gaga Embodies Female Empowerment


I’ve long been a Lady Gaga fan; her music is catchy and positive and heartfelt, her outfits are outrageous and original. She is one fierce female and I totally respect her and her talent. Well, now I like her even more.

This week it became public that she had gained 25 pounds and instead of silently accepting the criticisms that were quickly forthcoming,  she posted pictures of herself in her underwear with one captioned “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15″ and “To inspire bravery and BREED some M$therf*cking COMPASSION” and called it the BODY REVOLUTION. She invited her fans (called Little Monsters) to be brave and post their own pictures and join the revolution., which thousands have already done here. Bravo Gaga!

This is such a positive message to send to her fans who are mostly young girls. The media and society play such games with a girls psyche that anything that is reinforcing health before beauty is beneficial.  We don’t need them to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed of their bodies but rather proud and grateful for all the amazing things a healthy body can do. It is especially critical in this age of photoshop and impossible ideals that somebody stands up for the underdog, especially if they’re young girls. So many girls develop eating disorders in puberty and this saddens me so much. During puberty us girls are supposed to be a little chubby and plump. At puberty the body builds up fat cells because it is needed as an energy store before it an cope with all the changes to come. We should be telling our girls not to worry about a little weight gain and that it is actually good for them at their age.

So, my hat goes off to Lady Gaga and her big heart, which is so much more important and powerful than the size of her thighs.

Below is a compelling clip that Gaga tweeted yesterday. Enjoy it and your beautiful body!