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Menstruation is Having a Moment and it's Bloody Marvelous

When I was an adolescent growing up back in the 80's periods were enigmatic - I knew very little about what to expect and what to do to manage it and what I did learn was mostly thanks to Judy Blume and her YA novel 'Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret?'.  I wasn't alone as most of my friends and fellow students knew very little and had a lot of questions, but neither the courage nor the platform to ask them. 

Today in many places of the world, periods are still a mystery but I am proud and delighted to see so many sisters getting all up in your face with menstrual discourse on the world wide web and in culture at large. 

Some of the menstrual activism and awareness currently making news are:

An art exhibit in Halifax devoted completely to the theme of menstruation entitled 'Our Bodies, Our Blood'.

A new 'Period Party' pack for a Barbie-like doll by Lammily that includes an educational pamphlet, a pair of panties for the doll and 18 reusable pad and liner stickers for said doll and panties. 

A high school in Queens, New York that is supplying it's students and staff with free tampons and menstrual supplies and believes all schools should follow their lead. 

The recent news of a high school student in Stockholm, Sweden who wanted a period themed photo in the yearbook, but it was banned by the principal for not being "representative and easily accessible to any beholder".

Kiran Gandhi who chose to "free bleed" while running the London marathon. (This means with no tampon, pad or cup to catch her menstrual blood, but rather let it flow out of her and through her pants). 

The sales tax being removed from tampons and feminine hygiene products in Canada as of July 1, 2015 in large part as a response to a petition by Jill Piebiak that got over 76 thousand supporters.  

A similar campaign in Australia and the innovated rap video to accompany it:

All these cultural movements and moments are heartening and inspiring. We will bleed silently no more. I can hardly wait to see what my fellow sisters will think up next. 


Posted on September 29, 2015 .