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Instagram Inspiration

Feby recently joined Instagram and was pleasantly surprised to find various accounts run by teenage girls about all things menstrual related. One such account has turned into one of our biggest fans and supporters. The femme_wear Instagram account is run by Courtney, a 13-year-old girl living in the US. According to a recent '20 facts about me!' post, she loves Lana Del Rey, photography, menstrual cups, AMPS and RUMPS (alternative and reusable menstrual products) and would one day like to own a cloth pad business AND be a chemical engineer AND work for NASA. Gosh! I just love a girl with ambition!

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Recently I conversed with Courtney via email and asked a few questions as I was curious to know what got a 13-year-old interested in running an account for other teenagers to turn to with questions and concerns regarding AMPS and RUMPS.  

Please note, all exclamations! are Courtney's own. 

Feby: How did you personally first discover reusable menstrual products?

Courtney: I can't quite recall how I discovered reusable menstrual care. I think it was around June 2013. I think I was on YouTube and came across a video/review about the DivaCup. As I was curious, I went online and found out what these products were and how they worked.

Feby: What motivated you to start an Instagram account and website about RUMPS? 

Courtney: The motivation behind my Instagram account and website is to inform girls and women about the amazing benefits of reusable products. I felt that not enough young girls in our generation had proper information about all the different types of menstrual care out there and I needed to help spread the word :)

Feby: Do you feel your success (400 + followers) reflects the current need for more information about RUMPS to the teenage consumer?

Courtney: Absolutely! I think my success in the followers I have gained shows that other girls my age are interested in reusables. It shows that not enough information is being presented by parents and teachers that they come to my profile for their questions! 

Feby: You gave a favourable review to the Feby bracelet. Would you recommend one to all girls your age? What do you think is the most important information you have gained from this bracelet?

Courtney: I'd definitely recommend this bracelet to all young women! It empowers us to be proud of our menstrual cycles and not to be ashamed. I personally think this bracelet is amazing because it shows what's happening to us during these hormonal changes within our cycle...(example: when we'll experience PMS or when we're most fertile). No period tracker app can tell you all of that!

Feby: Do you feel comfortable talking about menstruation with your friends and family? Do you believe this subject should be dealt with more openly? How do you think people can make that possible?

Courtney: I'm open about menstruation with my sister and mother, but not my friends. I do personally believe that periods should not be taboo, because it happens to every woman! My mother actually thinks that all my pads and cups are really cool, even though she has never personally tried them! If we had an open conversation about menstruation, it doesn't have to be awkward! We all sleep, go to the bathroom etc., why can't it be the same with our menstrual cycle?

Why indeed? 

If girls like Courtney are any indicator of the next generation, the future is in very good hands. 

You can follow Courtney on her Femme_wear Instagram and her blog here




Posted on July 11, 2014 .