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Is Human Ovulation Concealed or Unadvertised


In the past few months a plethora of studies have been released that make new observations about female behaviour during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle. So many in fact that I feel it’s prudent to advise all bracelet using sisters of them likely occurring when she is on a pink bead. It also begs the questions: Is human ovulation concealed (as historically described) or rather unadvertised?

The following are some recently publicized study findings as related to women during the ovulatory phase of their menstrual cycle:

  • Women are judged to dance better when they are in the fertile phase (by male study participants) according to Livescience
  • Consumer behaviour changes according to cyclical temptations and during the fertile phase women spend more money on grooming and their wardrobe when they are in their fertile phase than any other time of the month. ScienceDirect
  • Comparably, women spent and consumed less on food purchases during their fertile phase (day 10-20 on the Female Empowerment Bracelet).
  • Also during this time of the cycle, women tend to be harsher negotiators with other women they deemed attractive. These findings as discussed in the  DailyMail  show a remarkable contrast to women who negotiate at other times of their cycle, where they are found far more generous.
  • Men find the gait of women who are in the fertile phase of their cycles as more attractive as gleaned in this study
  • The natural body odours of ovulating woman are revealed to be more attractive to men according to this study.
  • This research paper extrapolated that women are less pleased and more easily irritated with their perceived unattractive mate when they are fertile.(If the woman’s mate is perceived attractive there is little to no change in her behaviour towards him.)


In conclusion, it seems that further study of human ovulation and its’ effects on both the woman involved and the reaction of the men around her is required but it does seem to suggest that human ovulation is not entirely concealed.  For now, ladies, enjoy looking good (and all the time and attention involved with said result), smelling good, walking and dancing to admiration, eating light and negotiating hard during your pink days!