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Black Friday Sale

Greetings friends!

It's that time of year again. Black Friday! In keeping with the custom of this time, we are happy to offer an amazing discount of 25% off all orders from now until Sunday, November 27th.

This is a perfect opportunity to order all your Female Empowerment Bracelets and/or kits and/or "Welcome to the Sisterhood" cards for all the young women on your list. 

Don't forget our bracelets are a perfect stocking stuffer with a meaning and purpose that will last far longer than the tinsel and eggnog. 

A great idea is popping the bracelet in an empty toilet paper or half a paper towel roll, wrapping it in pretty paper and tying two bows on each end and voila! An empowering Christmas cracker like the ones below. 

All you need is:

- empty toilet paper rolls
- Female Empowerment Bracelet
- Chocolates, candy, money or anything else you would like to add
- tissue paper, wrapping paper
- scissors
- tape
- ribbon

Then simply put a bracelet inside the paper roll (and chocolates or anything else you want to add), cover in tissue paper and secure with tape around the roll but leave the paper long on either side, then if desired, wrap over that with a see-through cellophane paper or any paper you like and tape to secure, again leaving the ends open. To finish, simply tie the ribbons around each end of the roll and curl with scissors.  

To receive the discount, just type the code BLACKSALE16 in the code box when checking out and the discount will be applied automatically on the base product (shipping and taxes excluded, where applicable). 

Hoping you have a joyful (and NOT stressful) shopping weekend  and for all our American friends, Happy Thanksgiving!

Black Friday 3 Day Sale


I am so happy to announce that Feby will be having a Black Friday 3 day sale starting on Friday November 27th at 12:01 am and continuing until Sunday November 29th at 11:59pm.

The discount offered is the best we've ever extended to our valued customers - 30% off all orders! Simply type the code BLACKFRIDAYSALE when placing your order and the discount will be applied before final check out.

I hope many of you take advantage of this sale and stock up for Christmas. A Female Empowerment Bracelet is a wonderful stocking stuffer that will inform young women long after the holiday season is over....longer perhaps than anything else they will receive this year. Don't you want to be the "Santa" who provides such important wisdom to the women you love? For less than $10 including shipping for such a useful product the timing couldn't be better. 

Happy shopping friends.