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Valentine for a Teen Girl

Valentines Day is a celebration mainly of romantic love but love of all kinds deserve honour and celebration. 

Why not celebrate the magnificent young woman that is your daughter (niece, student, cousin, little sister, - insert any relationship where you care and want her to be prepared and confident) with a gift that will keep on giving for months and months to come, literally?

A Female Empowerment Bracelet is a thoughtful gift when passed down from an older woman to a young woman just as she begins to mature and bloom.  When the wisdom of experience is shared, the receiver will benefit greatly.  Adolescence is a transitional phase which is often fraught with anxiety and many questions and often misinformed answers from well-meaning peers.  Giving her a bracelet that she can carry away with her and investigate at her own leisure as she becomes more fully aware of the changes within her on a cyclical basis can erase some of the anxiety and answer important questions. There is peace of mind for both giver and receiver in such crucial matters as female fertility and a healthy body consciousness and self-image. Understanding how her body is working and what to expect when she's NOT expecting is vital information that all young women should receive. By giving her a Feby bracelet you are gifting her with the profound knowledge that you care and want nothing more than for her to live an informed life making decisions that are in her best interests. 

The above picture shows a coming-of-age valentine gift which includes:

  • Female Empowerment Bracelet

  • A DivaCup and some DivaWash, because it's never to early to start with the best.

  • A few chocolates because it wouldn't be Valentines without chocolate and who needs an excuse for chocolate anyway?

  • 3 Love Tokens to be redeemed for a massive bear hug, a dinner and movie night and a girl talk.

The total price of this gift is $65 Canadian and will last far longer than these equally priced and unimaginative gift items (however lovely they may be). Flowers wither and die, chocolates get consumed rather quickly and unhealthy and perfume is delightful but undoubtedly won't have the same profound and positive effect as our suggested gift from the period fairy.


Feby Inc. is based in Canada and with the exchange rate being what it is, a Female Empowerment Bracelet can be purchased and including shipping will cost the giver less than $10 US.  

What are you waiting for? Order one today and make your own empowering gift basket for that special young woman. 

Labour Day Love


It's back to school, back to learning, back to business time. 

As much as I'm sorry to see the summer go, there's a lot of appeal for me in the world going back to work after a lovely and sunny summer. I like the changing of the seasons and am forever grateful I live in the north where all four seasons are equally present and charming. 

I reckon I might as well embrace the change because it's happening whether I do or not. There's no sense in fighting the inevitable. (I feel the same way about aging, but that's for another time.)

The changing of the seasons transpires within a woman's body as surely as it does in the rest of Mother Nature.

Should you happen to be fortunate enough to have prepubescent and adolescent biologically female girls in your life, please be sure to celebrate her seasons as positively as you do the elements and bounty of the earth.

A girl's sense of worth and acceptance and love comes from many avenues, yours being one. Own that space you hold in her life and honour her womanhood and the changes she is going through on her journey there. Be absolute in your respect of her body. Insist she does the same. 

Talk. Talk. Talk. Ask her questions and give her the opportunity to ask you a few. It takes a village and wasting a chance to help a young woman navigate the bridge between childhood and womanhood is regrettable. Don't regret this chance you have!

Please talk with her.

There is hardly ever a "perfect" time to have "the talk" but make a time that is good. When it's just the two of you, and no rushing around is required. Maybe you're her aunt or sister or friend and it's not your place for "the talk" but let's face it, it's not just one talk; it's many talks held over the course of a lifetime before we even come close to understanding all that it means to be a woman.

Try telling her a story about some embarrassing moment you found yourself in when you were her age. Show her by laughing as to it's unimportance in the grand scheme of your one and only beautiful life and remind her that the same will be true for her.  Life is a story of joy, with bits of drama and tragedy and comedy thrown in here and there to bring balance. A life with no setbacks or lessons isn't a real life. We must live and go about doing things and meeting people and taking action, and those things will always have ramifications. That's why we do them. Problem is, sometimes the reaction of others is negative and harmful and not we anticipated. That is when we learn and grow stronger. Like the old saying "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." We learn to not trust some people with our secrets, to learn who is a true friend and who is only pretending, who is dishonest, who steals. For sure there are battles to be fought all lifelong but it's nothing she can't handle. She's smart and brave and shall be victorious! 

The beginning of a new school year is an ideal time to reconnect and reevaluate and make plans for the future. Help her do this. Accentuate her talents and lovingly help plan a strategy to overcome her weaknesses. 

I think one element of being open to and squeezing as much enjoyment from life is not harbouring shame. Shame is a shield and drains such a lot of energy and is definitely not required so kick that particular quality to the curb with vehemence! 

Advise her it's best to stop with judgements all together, both friends, strangers and with yourself. 

Emphasize to her that of all the people in her life she should try to please, she herself is the number one the list. May she never ever forget that. The loudest voice in her head should be her own. Whenever it starts to fade, she must change something. The person whose voice is now the loudest perhaps has too much control over her. She ought to look into that and make changes. It is not serving her best interests if someone else is in the driver's seat of her life.

Life is too short to be wishy washy. Mean yes when you say yes, and no when you say no. 

Don't be afraid to make a decision. Like my wise dad said:

“There are no right decisions. It’s up to you to make the decision right.” 
— David Howard

Do your absolute best to assist her in going back to school with her head high, her heart open, her spine strong and her outlook hopeful. 

Posted on September 5, 2017 .

Period Parody

Carefree in Australia has recently released some satirical ads regarding vaginas, cramps and tampons in the hopes of enticing viewers to their more genuine advice at

The ads revolve around three fictional characters with silly names. The characters are Fanny Glitterwinkle, Harmony Freebush and Stefan Van Der Blöed and they aim to provide humorous advice on period care and concerns. 

For example here is the video starring Fanny Glitterwinkle whose tongue-in-cheek advice includes adding string bling to a tampon in case you commit the fashion faux pas of revealing your unadorned string to the world while frolicking on the beach.  

If you like that one you're sure to enjoy these words of wisdom from Harmony Freebush.

Finally, here is Stefan Van Der Blöed; celebrity period whisperer to the stars. (I don't know about you but I reckon if there was such a thing as a period whisperer it wouldn't/shouldn't  be a man. I think a post-menopausal matriarch would be more fitting perhaps?) Regardless, take a look at his take on what cramps really mean. 

The entire campaign seems full of bafflegab to me. I showed them to my 15-year-old daughter and asked her thoughts on them and she said "I think they are ridiculous. They are trying too hard to be funny. When things try too hard to be funny, they generally aren't." I have to agree with her. 

However, I am of the opinion that if these zany videos direct confused girls to their more serious and reliable website then they should be deemed successful, even if they made me roll my eyes instead of laugh. What's your take? I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below. 

Posted on August 28, 2014 and filed under news.