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The Y in Feby is for YOU

This morning at my gym I had an engaging conversation with a lovely young woman named Kate,  a friend of my daughter's who was getting changed at the same time as me. She commented on my bracelet so I told her about all about the Female Empowerment Bracelet. She thought the idea behind it was "cool" and "interesting"  but showed some ambivalence about wearing it. “You don’t have to wear it, you just have to use it.” I told her. I mentioned how Feby is in the size and shape of a bracelet because of the nature of a cycle itself; it is circular and repetitive. The intent was never to wear your vagina on your sleeve or in any way advertise what phase of the menstrual cycle you are going through.  It’s not about other people at all. It’s about YOU and YOU being aware of where YOU are in YOUR cycle. Consider it more of a friendship bracelet between yourself and your body than a funky accessory. That said,  there’s no denying it IS a funky accessory. A little pop of colour with a black outfit, a conversation piece amongst friends,worry beads, something to fiddle with while you’re waiting in line. In a pinch it can be used as a hair band or an elastic to suit any purpose. Get creative and use it however works best for you.

Keep your Feby on your bedside table and move it each morning or night. Let one of the first things you think about as you wake up be yourself before you start your day. OR take note before you sleep each night and dream upon the magic that is your body.
If you feel comfortable though by all means wear your Feby.

Be brave.

Be fearlessly female!

But please don’t let the thought that the purpose of Feby is for anyone other than the owner. It is a friend and that’s why there’s a y; a Female Empowerment Bracelet for YOU.

Every cause seems to have a bracelet, from victims of natural disasters to cancer of every kind, why shouldn’t the cause is YOU? I can think of no greater cause. YOU are worth it.