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Fleabag Womyn

On my recent summer holiday to the UK I was made aware of the brilliant series ‘Fleabag’ on an Air Canada flight as it was on a recommended list. The premise sounded promising so I quickly tuned in and promptly fell in love with Phoebe Waller-Bridge and her outrageous creative writing skills and acting chops.

I have since devoured like a carnivore returning from a vegan retreat the entire 12 eposides that comprise both seasons and can’t recommend them highly enough. Consider yourself forewarned though that there is a lot of R rated contented riddled throughout each episode including foul language, sexuality, scenes of nudity, smoking scenes, blasphemous scenes and dialogue so fast and witty it might make you dizzy.

This show is not for the timid or easily offended as it is rife with shocking and boundary pushing humour with a huge side dish of heart. Waller-Bridge wrote and acts in this 2 season series and she is a revelation. Also included in the cast are Academy Award Winner Olivia Coleman, Andrew Scott, Sian Clifford and the supremely talented Helen Scott Thomas delivering an epiphany that opens Fleabags hopes for the future.

For a little snippet of what to expect whilst also adding some positive verbiage to “THE MENOPAUSE”, please enjoy this video. I’ve watched it at least a dozen times and each time it fills me with glee. I hope it does the same for you ;)