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I Woke Up In My Skin

Learning to love yourself, learning to love your body is like, that whole journey that I feel like every person, more specifically, women, have to go through so I feel like doing this is kinda a good way to break through and kinda stealing the last chapter of the learning to love and just love.
— Lizza, My Skin

Here's a beautiful new video by the artist known as Lizzo that is all about accepting and loving your body and self.  We are all made in different sizes and forms and not one of them is the right way to be or the wrong way to be - they just are what they are. 

Loving your body and self includes taking care of yourself and giving yourself permission to do what you like to do and not having to apologize for it.  Being a little selfish is not a bad means that you recognize that the most important person in your life is you and if you take care of yourself first, it is that much easier to help others. 

Enjoy this lovely song and it's poignant message.