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International Women's Day 2019

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Today is International Women’s Day and while I recognize that it is wonderful and necessary to allocate a specific day to recognize the contributions and tribulations of women all over the world, I honestly feel like every day is women’s day. I suppose this mostly stems from the fact that my invention, business and day-to-day existence revolves around empowering women across the globe.

Ever since I committed myself and livelihood to this enterprise of providing young women with information about all the phases of the menstrual cycle, I have been cognizant that this applies to ALL women across this lovely planet we call home. Menstrucation (a new word coined to combine menstruation and education) is a global issue and many people wrongly assume that women in the developed world are well-informed. Unfortunately, that is a gross overstatement and to perpetuate it does everyone a disservice. While it is true that some women, regardless of where they are located, possess detailed knowledge, that is often the exception and not the norm. These educated girls were exceptionally lucky because they spent time with a caring and forthright teacher, parent, sibling, friend, mentor or relation who recognized the importance of explaining the cycle in correct and factual detail. In my experience, most people are uncomfortable discussing periods and thus they rush the lesson(s) or joke around during it. In a perfect world, all girls would enjoy a thorough education regarding their amazing bodies and would receive this in a setting that is conducive to discussion and not embarrassment. We all know that the world is not perfect and so my mission is ongoing.

Today it came to my attention that the marvellous Annie Lennox has launched a #GlobalFeminism initiative and I am fully onboard with this as menstrucation is a global issue. Check out the recently released video highlighting the need for this campaign.

There are thousands of events happening in my city and around the world today to celebrate International Women’s Day. Regrettably I am under the weather and staying home but I wonder, are you doing anything special today in honour of International Women’s Day?

17 Inspiring Quotes to Honour International Women's Day 2017

Today is International Women's Day and here at Feby we're doing a few things to commemorate this special day. The first (and perhaps most important thing) is we are having a sale for the rest of the week where if you buy any one of our products (bracelet, kit, card or party pack) we will donate one of the same products to a women's shelter AND offer a 17% discount. Simply type the code IWD2017 during check out. 

Below please find 17 inspiring quotes from women about being a woman and being true to yourself and finding your calling. Hoping these will inspire you too.


Caitlin Moran has written some fabulous, fierce, funny, feminist books including 'How to be a Woman' and 'How to Build a Girl'. 
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International Women's Day

International Women's Day was created to seek and realize the human rights to all and achieve gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.