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International Day of the Girl 4.0 - The Power of the Adolescent Girl

The fourth annual International Day of the Girl will take place this coming Sunday, October 11th. The theme this year, as decreed by the United Nations, is the Power of the Adolescent Girl. Over the past 15 years there has been significant improvement in the lives of young girls by the global community but the UN feels there is still much work to be done for girls in the formative years of adolescence and young womanhood. 

This includes obtaining quality secondary and higher education, avoiding child marriage, receiving information and services related to puberty and reproductive health, and protecting themselves against unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and gender-based violence.
— United Nations

The world is being called on to commit to putting adolescent girls at the centre of sustainable development efforts such as:

What better investment for an adolescent girl than a Female Empowerment Bracelet of her own? 

In this spirit, I have decided to match any donations we receive during the month of October. That means for every Female Empowerment Bracelet purchased for donation to a girl in need. I will donate one to the same cause (you can even name your cause and provide a mailing address and I will send them (free shipping within Canada). 
You can donate here.
Please be generous and help me empower underprivileged girls.
Together, we can change the world. 

You can also show your support by raising your voice for girls. 

The development agency Plan Canada has created a pledge you can take that will show your support for girls all over the world and in doing so, Sears Canada has pledged to donate $1 for every pledge directly to Plan Canada's Because I Am A Girl campaign.