What do Taxes and Carcinogens Have to do with Tampons?

Hello friends!

I don't know where you are in the world but up here in suburban Toronto, November so far has been unexpectedly golden and warm. The glorious weather made Hallowe'en pleasurable and the annual fall cleanup a joy. I sincerely hope you are enjoying a lovely November as well.

There has been a lot in the news lately about menstruation, tampons, and many things period related.

Among the headlines:

Britain has decided to continue taxing tampons and sanitary napkins as "luxuries" and there has been a social media and internet backlash against this silly decision. One highlight is this hilarious tongue-in-cheek fake advertisement for tampons:

A harder to digest news item and one that concerns every woman not just the British is  that a University in Argentina released a report to the World Health Organization claiming that up to 85% of tampons and sanitary napkins contain a probable carcinogenic known as glyphosate. 

Whoa! Carcinogenic? Tampons? I don't know about you but the possibility of inserting a carcinogenic product that sits inside my body for hours at a time or one that lies directly upon some delicate skin doesn't feel right or good at all at all.

I suggest you take this as a warning to look for alternate products to manage your monthly bleed. Organic tampons and pads remain in the safe zone, as do reusable cloth pads, sponges and menstrual cups (like our friends at the DivaCup). Please do your body and health, your wallet and the environment a favour and explore these options with haste and diligence. 

I hope and expect that with this new information the manufacturers of feminine hygiene products will be forced to make the contents of their goods clearly labelled and in their entirety.  Isn't knowing what she puts inside her body to manage a natural function a woman's right?