Self-Love September


September is the beginning of a new school year for many people, and I encourage you to consider taking this month and making it a new chance to grow and learn by making it a month of self-love - the first semester in the School of You if you like :)

Screenshot 2018-09-04 09.21.27.png

The idea is that every day - all 30 of them - for the month,  you write down one reason why you love yourself. A positive attribute you possess that brings you pride, or should. You can write this down in your daytimer or journal,  calendar, or just on a piece of paper but I encourage you to write it down and not just input your self-love reasons on a cell phone because you will want to be able to access this page for a long time. From past experience, cellphones don't last as long as books do and this exercise is one that you should keep for as long as possible and refer to often. You could of course use technology however I still suggest printing the final product as a keepsake. 

By the end of the month you will have a list that should instill a sense of confidence and appreciation for yourself that perhaps was not there before, or not as strong. 

To help you here are some suggestions for qualities that you may possess and wish to add to your list of lovable characteristics:


I offer these words because I would encourage you to think along the lines of who you are, what you stand for, how you move through your life as opposed to how long your hair is or how perky your derriere. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said "what is essential is invisible to the eye." 

Never forget that who you are on in the inside is far more important that what you look like. When you realize that, you will experience a great sense of #empowerment.


Posted on September 1, 2018 .