Growing in Grace


This winter has been incredibly cold and impossibly snowy for everyone in the Toronto area and a remarkably sad one for myself and hundreds of others who knew and loved a charming woman named Linda Kostick.

Saying goodbye to a lovely and vibrant girlfriend my age, so full of live and love and lust for life and a DOER is ever there was one - is one of the hardest and harrowing things I have ever had to do. The older I get the more I am required to do it and I can accept that. It is one of the many parts of growing older that sucks but with that age comes memories of a life fully lived.

Linda’s days were fully lived but her life was cut far too short by a massive heart attack. as her heart and the circle of people that she touched. I have never been to a funeral so full of love and happy memories with the deceased.

Linda was a larger-than-life person who was constantly on the go. She was a doer who did some pretty incredible things with a lot of different groups. I met her playing soccer about 10 years ago but she also played baseball, golf and most recently, curling.

Her life was not tragic but her death is. It was sudden and sad. She was only 55 and leaves behind twin 16 year-old daughters.

I was so awkward with her twins and I feel ashamed. You would think after all these years I would have learned some grace in grief yet I stuttered and stammered and cut myself off and failed to say the right thing.

I must grow my grace. I should slow down and weigh my words a little more, especially when I’m nervous.

I am well aware of my flaws and like everybody, I am a work in progress. There are things I must grow and things I must sow.

At the memorial service were a few players from our soccer team, the Chillettes, and I haven’t seen any of them - other than Linda - since our last game over three years ago. I got a few numbers and hope to keep in contact with a couple of them. For that I can thank Linda.

Sow the seeds of friendship.

Grow my grace.

These are my intentions for February.

Have you thought about any?

Linda died from a heart attack while using her home treadmill.

Although she lived an active and healthy lifestyle, her heart was weak from stress. Know the signs of a heart attack in women and how they differ from men,

Take care of yourselves lovely people.

Posted on January 30, 2019 .