Possible Canada Post Strike

I regret to inform you that I just received an update from Canada Post that a strike by its workers may occur this Friday.

This would have disastrous effects for Canadian small business like myself, who use Canada Post to ship their small items worldwide at a reasonable rate. Currently if one were to order a single Female Empowerment Bracelet, the shipping cost with Canada Post to the United States is $5.70 CAD. Were I to send the same bracelet using UPS or FedEx the rate is completely unreasonable (over $50). 

As you can see, unless you are placing a large order, this impending strike by Canada Post will make shipping irrationally costly and will effectively shut Feby Inc. down (at least temporarily).

So, if you were thinking about getting a bracelet or two for a female in your life, I urge you to DO IT NOW! Do you have a niece turning 13 this summer or are you hosting a summer getaway up north with a bunch of teen girls? ORDER SOME BRACELETS NOW! To encourage you I will offer a "Beat the Strike" discount of 15% of ALL new orders until Friday July 8th at 12am. Use the code BEATTHESTRIKE to receive this discount. 

I will keep you posted as I learn what is happening.


FYI: Here is a screen shot from the email I received this morning from Canada Post



Posted on July 5, 2016 .