NEW! Special Edition Featuring Lava Beads and Essential Oils


Hi there! I am happy to bring you some great news that I hope will interest a few of you beautiful people. 

For a limited time only we have a special edition of the Female Empowerment Bracelet available for purchase. This unique and exclusive edition consists of the traditional brightly coloured wooden beads in Feby’s exclusive colour combination with the exception of the three black beads that denote PMS - Premenstrual Syndrome. 

These three days are now represented by ancient black lava beads. Yes, you read that right. 

Lava beads.png

“Lava beads are literally made from cooled down molten rock (Basalt, an igneous rock). In order for rock to melt, it has to reach temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Celsius beneath a volcano.

When a volcano erupts, red hot molten rock spills out of the volcano and flows away as lava until it becomes cool, solid, porous and black.”


Lava stone possess some magnificent metaphysical qualities. It is a grounding stone that purportedly “strengthens our connection to Mother Earth and teaches us about change, intensity, and depth.” It is also considered to be a stone of rebirth and one that has the grounding ability of calming emotions. And best of all it is porous so it can serve as a delightful essential oil diffuser.

That is exactly the reason why we have included three of these splendid beads in our special edition. The fact that the lava beads are positioned in the area of the black beads which denote premenstrual syndrome is ideal and downright poetic. During the premenstrual phase we are most likely to feel at our lowest and so it is fitting that these are the days to lighten the load a little bit by placing a few drop of essential oils on the porous beads and enjoying the effects for hours.

We offer a small vial of five different essential oil blends to complement these special edition bracelets. They are:

Cramp Crusher - A delightful blend of clary sage, lavender and rose essential oils which produce a relaxing effect on cramps, bloating and mood swings. Can also be rubbed into the abdomen to achieve these results.

Gentle Flow Blend - A magical mixture of chamomile, eucalyptus and geranium essential oils that relieve tension, balance emotions and lifts your spirits.

The Hormone Whisperer - A delicate combination of ylang ylang, sandalwood and sweet orange that gently soothes both mental and physical anxiety and works to balance hormones.

Mellow Menses - An exquisite blend of clary sage, lavender and marjoram essential oils which help to alleviate a multitude of menstrual symptoms including bloating, anxiety and fatigue.

PMS Relief - A subtle fusion of ginger, peppermint and ylang ylang essential oils which eases feelings of anxiety, anxiousness, depression and exhaustion along with providing relief from menstrual cramping.

These special edition bracelets make perfect gifts over the holidays for a young woman in your life and will surely be treasured for many moons not only for the educational aspect but also because they smell so darn good! In effect, they can relieve a young woman’s stress on many levels; filling her on what to expect when she’s NOT expecting AND lifting her spirits all for just a few dollars.

Please check them out in our shop and be sure to tell your friends before they are gone.