Menstrual Hygiene Day


Do you know that the 3rd annual Menstrual Hygiene Day is just a few days away? 

Menstrual Hygiene Day takes place each year on May 28th and the date has much significance...the average woman bleeds for 5 days each month and the average menstrual cycle is 28 days..hence, 5/28.

Over 270 global partners (Feby Inc. proudly included) are committed to making menstrual management and hygiene a top priority, especially in the developing world where access to proper sanitary napkins isn't always possible and proper bathroom facilities are too often a privilege. Many girls in such regions of the world miss school during their periods because there is either no place to properly change their pads and wash up, or they don't have proper sanitary napkins in the first place and must use alternate items such as paper or leaves to manage their flow. 

On top of this, all too common is the misconception that menstruation is a taboo subject that shouldn't be spoken of, or if it is, in hushed tones and with women only. 

In the developed world, poverty stricken and homeless women also find access and funds for feminine protection to be a struggle. Imagine having to choose between buying a box of pads or dinner? 

The best way to change these problems is by speaking about them and showing your support for the cause. Don't you believe that all girls and women should have proper education, products and places to handle their periods?

If you do, please help show your support by spreading the word across the world. Social media is awesome in its ability to do just that so please join me in tweeting and posting about it. The most popular hashtags are #menstruationmatters, #menstrualhygieneday and #MHDay2016.

You can also check the official Menstrual Hygiene Day website for events in your area and images addressing the problems which you can download and share like this one. 

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