Happy May beautiful people!

Oh what a wonderful time of year is Spring. The season of renewal and rebirth. I have always lived in Canada, and so don’t know how it is in other lands where winter isn’t so cold and harsh so when the snow finally melts and green slowly taking over the drab dirty white, greys and brown of our northern landscape - I find myself overcome with positive emotions. Now, the first spring flowers are showing their lovely faces - the Snowdrops, Hyacinths and the Crocuses. My neighbour’s Magnolia tree is budding and I am so hopeful for the promise those buds represent. I love this season of rebirth and renewal. I LOVE SPRING! I love the beauty of the circle of life, the stubborn and courageous force for life that lives in plants, and the eternal loyalty of Mother Nature.

Women enjoy a springlike time of renewal each and every month of their child bearing years if they do not become pregnant.

Just think about that for a moment; each and every month women experience a time of renewal...over and over and over again like clockwork. Our bodies are consistently optimistic and ready for life making.

This speaks volumes about the majesty and wonder and glory that is the female body.

Each month a single egg is passes from an ovary, through our reproductive system and disappears into the nether if not fertilized by male sperm.

Then, when a pregnancy does not occur, our womb sheds the nutritious and life creating lining and we bleed it out for a few days or more.

Then that same reproductive system starts again with releasing an egg and preparing a bed.

Think of the lining of the uterus, the white to pale pink section of the Female Empowerment bracelet section, as the time when the bud that is a potential human life is our ready womb. The flower is when the egg is released and while it travels inside of us everything is in full bloom!

Over and over and over.

Could there be anything more powerful and positive?

We can imagine the sense of cosmic strength conveyed as women identified their own inner forces with the turning of the moon, with their own gathering and child-bearing productivities, with the tides, seasons and other manifestations of cyclical change.
— Chris Knight, Blood Relations: Menstruation and the Origins of Culture

Your superpower lies within. The female body is amazing and full of wonder and take a moment to celebrate the awesomeness that is YOU!

Posted on May 2, 2019 .