Investing in Teenage Girls Focus of World Population Day 2017

Today, July 11th, is World Population Day and the focus this year is investing in teenage girls. It is understood (finally) that educating girls about their bodies including sexual and reproductive health, can have a lasting and positive effect on their lives, their communities and the world at large. 

“Marginalized girls are vulnerable to poor reproductive health and more likely to become mothers while still children themselves. They have a right to understand and control their own bodies and shape their own lives.”
— Babatunde Osotimehin

This theme aligns acutely with the philosophy behind the Female Empowerment Bracelet, whose goal is to empower young women with knowledge about their bodies and menstrual cycles to best serve their needs. 

There are a multitude of wonderful apps to follow your menstrual cycle, but teenage girls in the developing world are lucky to have a nutritious meal every day, let alone a smart phone. Even girls in the "first world" cannot be assumed to have such devices and honestly, a simple wooden bracelet can be a tremendous help in their understanding of the menstrual cycle and what to expect month to month. It is easy to use its aesthetic and function are much loved and appreciated by teenage girls who yearn for understanding and acceptance of their bodies in a clear manner. The bracelet is not marketed as a means of birth control however it is a means of understanding the menstrual cycle and it follows that when a young woman understands her cycle, she can better decipher what time of the month is optimum for courting or preventing pregnancy. It is to this end that I encourage you to consider purchasing a Feby bracelet for the young women in your life or donate some to young women in the world. The effect will be invisible but profound and it could quite possibly be the best $10 you'll ever spend.  

Invest in teenage girls. 

“When a teenage girl has the power‚ the means and the information to make her own decisions in life‚ she is more likely to overcome obstacles that stand between her and a healthy‚ productive future. This will benefit her‚ her family and her community.”
— Babatunde Osotimehin

Read the full statement of Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund here

Screenshot taken from  at 10:41am EST July11,2017

Screenshot taken from at 10:41am EST July11,2017