International Women's Day

Today is the most empowering day for women as it is International Women's Day. Many countries recognize today as a national holiday and in some it is a holiday for women only. I think it's time the rest of the world join ins and makes today an official holiday, especially Canada, the United Kingdom, The United States, and Australia. I'm flummoxed why they don't already.  All have female citizens whose rights and well-beings are in their best interests to recognize. 

Screenshot from Wikipedia of countries that officially recognize International Women's Day as March 8.  

Screenshot from Wikipedia of countries that officially recognize International Women's Day as March 8. 

Generations have celebrated this day in respect, love and appreciation of women and for their social, economic and political achievements.

International Women's Day was created to seek and realize the human rights to all and achieve gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

To that end, we at Feby are offering a special Women's Day sale of 30% all orders between now and the end of the week. The inspiration for extending the sale past today came from none other than the iconic Gloria Steinem, who I was fortunate to hear speak last night in downtown Toronto. At the end of her speech there was a question and answer period and somebody asked what she thought of International Women's Day. Her response was "How come we only have one day?" which was received with applause and laughter. So, our 30% off sale will last more than one day, it will go until the end of the workday (5pm EST) on Friday March 11. Simply type the code WOMENSDAYSALE into the discount code box when placing an order.

I am wishing you all an empowering day and I hope you pay tribute to the women who make a positive difference in your life and the lives of those in your circles, both small and large. Take some time to acknowledge what those female relatives, friends, coworkers, clients and mentors mean to you and how their efforts are not unnoticed. In my experience, it is often the little things, the tiny gestures of encouragement that can have the most profound effect. 

I respect and appreciate all you readers and customers. You are amazing!




Posted on March 8, 2016 .