#GIRLTALK Day 2016

Happy June beautiful people! I sure hope you are enjoying the lovely weather and feel good vibes at this amazing time of year.

I started the month off in a fabulous way by attending #GIRLTALK Day in Scarborough with over 1500 empowered, positive and encouraging females.

GirlTalk Day is the brainchild of Katie Zeppieri. Katie is a young woman from the greater Toronto area who began her social entrepreneurship by founding Make Your Mark back in 2012. Make Your Mark is a social movement that inspires youth to explore their talents, discover their passions and be empowered to use both to make a positive impact on their schools and communities. She noticed a huge need for a specifically female focused experience and GirlTalk Empowerment was born. Katie also wrote an awesome book entitled 'Girl Talk' with the subtitle "Words every world-changing girl needs to hear". The book is geared to young girls and focuses on how they can reign in their powers for good to make the world a better place for both themselves and the world at large. In it she discusses many challenges facing young women today including bullying, finding and living the meaning of true beauty, navigating social media and using it to spread positivity, and taking care of yourself by feeding your soul doing good things that can resonate. 

One example of how she eloquently encourages girls is this "Challenge for the Week" from Chapter 8 entitled 'The Company You Keep' :

Show some love and spread some gratitude. Make a point of thanking at least one person each day for the value they add to your life.


The mission of GirlTalk Day is: 

To unite and empower girls to make their mark on the world.

The itinerary was jammed packed full of inspiring speakers and entertainers including Because I Am A Girl charity organization, The Pink Box which is a soon to be launched subscription service offering beauty, style and empowerment products, the band Apollo's Crown, singer Andee and YouTube sensations Jade Lo, Adelaine Morin and Jackie Wyers

Some of the merchandise items we picked up at GirlTalk Day. The t-shirt reads "We should totally change the world together" and captures the essence of the empowering conference. 

Some of the merchandise items we picked up at GirlTalk Day. The t-shirt reads "We should totally change the world together" and captures the essence of the empowering conference. 

The YouTube stars were on a panel with Katie Zeppieri leading by asking questions that she presented to all three. One of the questions was if they could offer any suggestions to navigating the unique difficulties in life that young girls face. A couple of the responses were:

Jackie Wyer -  Change your scenery. Surround yourself with people who love you. Focus on your hobbies.

Adelaine Morin - Focus on the positive. Have 1, 2 or 3 really good friends. Help and compliment others.

The YouTubers also has more words of wisdom to share with this all female, 11-18 crowd including:

Embrace who you are. It’s okay to be different because it’s actually a good thing to be.
— Jade Lo
You are freaking awesome! Feel like Beyonce.
— Adelaine Morin

They told the crowd to use social media for good and help change the world, spread positivity as it's so easily contagious, compliment others and help them feel good. The result will be you will feel good. The inspirational messages throughout the day included how to boost your self-esteem, have a positive body image, embrace and focus on your unique talents and not to be afraid to take leadership roles.

GirlTalk has many chapters in schools throughout Canada and even one in Thailand. If you are interested in starting one in your school you can find the information to do it here

Overall, the day was incredibly inspiring and empowering to my daughter and no doubt to all the lucky girls who attended. It provided a safe space where girls can come together and be respected, heard, encouraged, supported and valued. I ask, what can be better than that?