Bonjour Les Amies

                                           If not you, who? If not now, when? 

                                           If not you, who? If not now, when? 

I am delighted to announce that we now have the Female Empowerment Bracelet available with a French informational pamphlet. To order, simply select "French" from the available versions. 

Our website has always had a quick Google translate option that will efficiently convert the web text into over 100 languages. Simply click on the tab just below the header on any page and select the desired language. (Please note - images with text will unfortunately NOT be translated.) 

As a Canadian, whose country is bilingual French and English, I am sorry if this took longer than expected but now and forevermore we will have the French option.


I have long said that the pronunciation of Feby itself is bilingual. I am not persnickety in the slightest how you say it. I have always pronounced it so it rhymes with Debbie ( fɛbiː ), as in Debbie Reynolds; actress, keeper of Hollywood memorabilia and mother of Carrie Fisher, and L'il Debbie cakes, mostly because I was with my dear, late friend Debbie when the idea of this bracelet first popped up in my head many moons ago. 

But many people along this journey have spontaneously pronounced it so it rhymes with Phoebe ( ˈfiːbi ) as in the eccentric and endearing character on the television show Friends and Phoebe Cates of Fast Times at Ridgemount High reknown. 

Which ever one you choose is okay by me. Both are right, neither is wrong. 

Moving forward, if any of you lovely people believe, as I do,  that the Female Empowerment Bracelet would be helpful to girls of another language, please contact me at and we can discuss translation services. I would be more than happy and will do whatever I can to see Feby get into as many hands as possible as I am positive it enlightens and enriches the female experience. 

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As a little aside that you may appreciate, I like to play music based on what it is I am doing, or have the intention of doing. I don't always play music, but when I do, I make it relevant. 

As I was transferring the translated information pamphlet into my InDesign file (a difficult task that had me talking to myself and the computer, a lot, and shaking my head in frustration) I was listening to this delightful playlist. Perhaps you too are in a French state of mind? 

Au revoir et passe une belle journée.


Posted on April 28, 2015 .