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The Healing Power in a Cup of Tea

Today is International Tea Day and of all the soothing remedies known to womankind for menstrual discomfort there is nothing quite as pleasurable and effective as a cup of tea. Accompany that warm tea with a comfy couch, a hot water bottle and a good book and you   might not mind being on your period so much and might actually have a moment of divine feminine serenity. 

There are a number of different herbal teas that help with menstrual cramps, bloating and other menstrual-related symptoms.


Long known for it's ability to relax muscles and anxiety, chamomile is an excellent tea to enjoy while Aunt Flo is in town but be warned, it has a mild sedative effect on the nervous system and is best enjoyed later in the day or evening. 

Chamomile tea is super gentle and highly effective. This is a tea that you can sip from the beginning of your cycle until the end to keep your body, mind, and emotions in a joyful place.
— herbaltealife


Cramp bark is traditionally used for any type of cramping or spasmodic pain including uterine, ovarian, abdominal and back pain which makes this an invaluable herb for women who experience any of these kinds of pain during menstruation. 



Black Cohosh is such a powerful herb that a small pinch added to another blend will bring out the benefit of it's pain relieving properties. The root of this herb acts to help soothe and relax the uterine lining. It is best to only use this in your tea while you're actively having your period and not throughout the rest of the month. It's the big guns so remember, a tiny pinch will do you! 

Whatever tea you choose enjoy your cuppa! 


Menstrual Hygiene Day Special

Hello friends. The 2nd annual Menstrual Hygiene Day is tomorrow and it is a day to discuss all things period related with no embarrassment or shame because #MenstruationMatters. One of the many  goals of this day is to banish the shame that some feel discussing this topic because at some time or another, all females menstruate and it is important they know all there is to know about why they get their periods, what to expect throughout the month and managing their periods with proper hygiene. 

In fact, there are so many myths and taboos surrounding menstruation that it affects the way women deal with their periods, oftentimes unnecessarily. 

Have you ever heard of #Menstruphopia? Unfortunately it is real but hopefully the more people who talk about menstruation openly and without shame, such a silly phobia will disappear quicker than cramps on your first day. 

Watch this video to get a better idea of what Menstruphobia is and how it affects women worldwide. 


Many esteemed organizations are joining in to raise awareness for this cause. Interesting articles can be found here:

Taboos around periods hurt everyone at the Huffington Post.

What would the world look like if men had periods at the Telegraph UK.

A Woman's Right. Period. 


I believe the Female Empowerment Bracelet also serves to open education, communication and to help destroy the centuries of shame that have surrounded this female phenomenon. 

In honour of this day we are offering a special 28% discount on all orders placed between May 28th and midnight May 31st. Simply use coupon code MHD2015 when checking out and the discount will be applied. Like Menstrual Hygiene Day itself our coupon is a play on's valid for 5 days (just like the average length of a period) and it's 28 percent off (as a typical menstrual cycle is 28 days in length). 

Happy shopping!

Blueprints for Building Better Girls


I have found that one of the continuously reliable joys in life is that provided by a good book. The written word has the power to transport a person living here and now to another time, another place and view the world through the thoughts and eyes of another person(s) in a deep and meaningful way. Truth be told, some cherished authors and their works have become dear friends who have kept me company; inspired, engaged and appreciative of life on countless unhurried and quiet days.

Perhaps finding such quiet and unhurried moments remains the biggest obstacle to enjoying the rewards of some awesome prose. Reading is not a passive pursuit after all; it requires more attention that a 3-minute YouTube video or half-hour sitcom.  In order to gain comprehension the reader must commit to tune in and zone out. It is only by concentrating on the imagery and dialogue contained on the page that you can engage your mind with this new and unfamiliar vision.  With a gifted author you become connected and concerned about their characters on an emotional level.  That payoff, the emotional connection to the humanity within the pages, is highly absorbing and satisfying. 

I have just experienced such a delight from a book and feel compelled to share the source with you.  

★★★★★ Excellent book with sad and lyrical stories stitched together with great skill and mind-changing result. 

★★★★★ Excellent book with sad and lyrical stories stitched together with great skill and mind-changing result. 

Perhaps the finest short story collection I have ever had the good fortune to read is 'Blueprints for Building Better Girls' by Elissa Schappell. This compilation is a masterful weaving of different women's voices into a sisterhood of recognition and awakening. So many of the characters in this colourful assortment seem familiar, sometimes even a little too familiar as in I can see myself close family members in them. The stories are diverse through age and circumstance of life (college co-ed, career woman, new mother, empty-nest mother) and yet the theme of what it means to be a woman and how we are all connected flows through their tales. Many of the characters in these stories are inter-related ( the young woman in the sad and honest depiction of female friendship in "Elephant" is sister to the daughter in the mother and daughter dance with anorexia in 'The Joy of Cooking') which aids the understanding of how linked together we, and life, are.  The voices of the women in these tales are honest, endearing, ironic, and all with an underlying sadness. The more I read, the more enchanted I became of the writer's spectacular gift for subtly highlighting the nuanced differences in us which magically manages to make our similarities blinding.  I liked gaining the new perspective on love and relationships and recognizing the pattern within those on the written page and those in real life. In particular I thought of my niece who struggles with anorexia and my sister-in-law who bears that burden. 'The Joy of Cooking' was the most haunting story for me, especially this passage:

But it was always the same. The daughter battled the anorexia on her own. She was, everybody said it, a survivor. It was such an inspiration to see how she’d grown, like a pink flowering cherry tree, out of the cold barren soil of her childhood. She’d flourished. She’d blossomed. While in the eyes of the world, her mother, the poisonous root of all this evil would stay just that - a stone-hard immutable root buried in dirt. No one saw how much the mother hurt. No one knew, or cared, what she’d lost.

I realized I had been like the rest of the world and judged my own sister-in-law unfairly. I felt reprimanded and ashamed and must thank Ms. Schappel for providing this revelation for me to digest and act upon. There is no greater gift than learning a needed lesson. This book provides many insights why living wiser and kinder will triumph over all the bravado and bling. 

If you have the opportunity to read this book, I highly recommend it. 

Books are like can never have too many.  Grow a wild garden in your mind.

There's no such thing as too much information on things that matter. 

Smart wins.  

Peace, love and empowerment. 


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