Tampon Run

Two teenage girls have made a cutting edge video game as their final project for Girls Who Code which they attended this summer.  Andrea Gonzales, 16, and Sophie Houser, 17, have created a game that isn't necessarily going to blow you away with visual effects but just might with their choice of weapons. Tampons. Yep. You read that right; tampons are thrown by the pixelated heroine to her opponents instead of shooting a gun or launching firebombs or grenades as is usually the way. 

(This reminds me of the ingenious character Rose in the novel 'Rose of No Man's Land' by Michelle Tea. Teenage Rose felt threatened and vulnerable when confronted by a carful of harassing males and used the only weapon she had - her bloody tampon. Check out blog post including expert here.)

The young women coded their rationale right into the game into. 

Take a look at some screen shots taken of their game. 

The wisdom and moxie these teenagers possess is remarkable. When those are combined with creativity and technical skill the result is happily this fun and addictive game. Check it out yourself and help bust down the taboo of menstruation, one tampon at a time. 

Now that's what I call thinking outside of the box.