Beautiful Women Celebrating Beautiful Women


Beauty. Such a powerful word and one that so many devote their lives to -  to be beautiful; to create beauty; to acquire beautiful things. 

I ask is it more important to look fabulous in some new jeans and carefully applied eyeliner 


to smile at a stranger, hug a friend or say a kind word to a child?

I believe in the latter. Beauty, true beauty, to me, is a spiritual phenomenon that transcends appearances. It is much deeper and more powerful than just the way you look. 

Beauty is so much more than just the line of a cheekbone or the curve of the lip. Beauty is all the positive vibes inside of you spilling out for the world to see and it comes from a place of lifting others up and loving yourself. 

Thankfully I am not alone in this belief. I stumbled upon the New List Project which is an endeavour to show "a different side of beauty... one that contains depth, passion and world changing action. We want to show beauty in actions rather than in faces and bodies." 

This movement was created by Chelsea Prince and she enlisted the help of Lindsey Schuberth, Laura Linda Bradley and Kate Krassowski to make this project come to light. In essence, they are actively making the world more beautiful (and themselves) by redefining what that means and highlighting a woman's character over her appearance.  

Together they define beautiful as the following:  Compassionate, Brave and Action-Oriented and are calling for nominations for living women who are just that to with the goal of creating awareness. You can nominate a woman you think is beautiful here and together we can create a #NewList of the most beautiful women in the world. 

Please won't you join the cause and nominate a woman today. 

Posted on August 6, 2014 and filed under news.