Being Confident

Confidence is a master key to success and happiness. It's believing that YOU deserve both happiness and success and that YOU have the power to make both happen. It's knowing that you are enough and that you have within you the power to change the world. It's believing that your voice has a right to be heard and having the courage to speak up. 

Unfortunately, confidence can be elusive and fleeting and vulnerable. It takes daily practice to reinforce that you are enough, just the way you are. The environment and people we surround ourselves with are as important as our own inner voice. All too often, it seems, young girls hit a black hole during adolescence where their confidence disappears, sometimes never to reappear. The black hole is created by many factors, including but not limited to; popular culture, the media, photoshop, fear-based marketing, misguided friends and family and the general public at large. Silly little remarks meant for a laugh can have lasting repercussions on a girl's psyche. Glossy magazines with their flawless images can create insecurity among the young women who read them, which is of course the intention; feel insecure, buy the product.  It really is crucial that young women understand and acknowledge their inherent value and importance is based on much more than their physical appearance or the judgement of others. 

Here's a great short little video I stumbled upon that gives some helpful tips on how to be more confident. 

Lucy is so right when she says "Having self-doubt is something that can literally consume you if you don't face it head on." If you are already confident, great. If not, be aware that the most damaging voice can be the one inside your own head. 

With that said please note that the mirror can be your friend or your enemy, based on your perception. It's in your best interest to make it your friend. It's hard to do, believe me, I know, but instead of scowling at your reflection, smile and tell yourself how wonderful you are and that you love yourself. Do this every morning. Did you know that the simple act of smiling improves your mood and what better way to start the day than with someone smiling at you and telling you they love you? BE that person for yourself. 

Here's a few more tips from the internet for being more confident.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 4.16.30 PM.png

I think everyone needs a champion; someone who cheers for them, encourages them, compliments and constructively criticizes to help them become the best they can possibly be. Often that champion comes in the form of a parent, sibling or other close family member. It can come outside the home through the love and support of a friend, teacher or coach. Sometimes though, there isn't an obvious champion, and so that is when you have to become your own. 

Be brave.

Love yourself.

Respect yourself.

Know you are worth more than you can ever imagine.



Posted on March 28, 2014 .