Indiegogo Campaign to Empower Women in Liberia

Happy December beautiful people.

December can be the kindest of months. It can also be the cruelest month. 

It is my hope that December 2014 will be the former, especially for women. You, dear friend,  have the chance to make such a dream a reality. 

Feby Empowerment Inc. has launched a new Indiegogo campaign. We are trying to raise enough funds to send 500 Female Empowerment Bracelets to a non-profit organization in Liberia. This organization is called Girls in Charge and is a "grassroots female empowerment activist program that seeks to build the self-esteem and confidence of girls and women in Liberia to be agents of change." 

Feby was contacted directly by this organization as they feel that the Female Empowerment Bracelet is an ideal tool for young women in Liberia to learn about the menstrual cycle. Many of these girls are profoundly poor and illiterate and their education in matters concerning the female body, reproduction and sexuality is extremely flawed and limited, with much of it being passed from peer to peer inaccurately. They believe, for example, that taking a contraceptive pill will render them infertile forever. 

To compound the problems these women face, Liberia is slowly recovering from the worst Ebola virus outbreak the world has ever seen and as a result is now suffering a hunger crisis. Many of the participants in the Girls in Charge program have indicated they are so poor that they have to choose between contraception and food, with food the obvious victor. 

Please check out our Indiegogo campaign and help us empower 500 women with knowledge about their bodies so that they are equipped to make sound decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health.

As you enjoy the hustle and bustle of all this holiday consumerism please take a moment and think about those less fortunate. For as little as $5 you can have a profound and positive impact on a young woman's life and in turn that of her community. 

Thank you!