The Moon, Menstruation & Women


Hello sisters.

Have you noticed the moon phase widget on our website? Do you know that tonight there is a full moon?   

Women have been intimately linked to the moon since the beginning.  Our cycles are similar in length and consistently entwined.  There is a bio-magnetic response our bodies have to the moon, similar to the ocean and her tides.

Still, much of the moon’s influence over women remains a mystery.  Does it trigger labour?  Ovulation?  Menstruation? It certainly seems to play a major role in these functions of our bodies.  Many delivery room nurses anticipate the full moon and the high number of babies born during it.  My first child was born on a full moon.  Man may have walked on the moon but women are connected to it by our blood and hormones.

Feby helps a woman better understand her cycle and once she does this the moon’s cycle can also act as a pointer to what to expect.  For example, try to consciously take note of what phase the moon is in on the first day of your period  (it cannot be stressed enough how important this day is).  Is the moon full?  New?  Waning or waxing?  Follow both patterns, that of the moon and Feby, and your awareness of your cycle and its intricacies are heightened.    Perhaps you discover you are black on a full moon.  Knowing this ahead of time can prove useful, indeed life saving, if life means marriage and home.   I learned the hard way that no matter where you are in the world and with who, first and foremost you are with you.  Your cycle follows you like your shadow.  The moon shadows the earth. The two of us are synthesized.  Be wise.    Maybe you discover you are fuchsia on a new moon.  Use this information with respect.  If we want anybody else to respect us and our bodies, we have to respect ourselves first.  Respecting our bodies means acknowledging the fact that we can get pregnant and have a child simply by having sex, especially  if we are on a pink bead.  Life defining moments can happen in the blink of an eye without much thought.  It is sage to be aware of the very real possibility and act accordingly, to our situation and wants with the understanding that instant gratification may lead to an eternal outcome.

Folklore has it that back in ancient times, before the advent of electricity and our glowing world, most women menstruated at the same time, when there was no moon.  Back then the moon’s light was always the brightest light in the night, its’ powers undiluted and ovulating on a full moon heightened the chance of pregnancy due to evening social events occurring most often under the moonlight. Now, in our lit up landscape and crowded sky, the suffers demotion to man; his streetlights and satellites, his headlights and skyscrapers.  Yet the moon is still as constant and commanding to our own melody of moods and moisture.  It’s a dance the moon leads and women follow, only each her own now and not a collective whole.  Know what step you’re on today and you can know what step to take next.  Day by day.  Week by week.  Month by month. Year by year.

This is an empowering accomplishment.  We like to think of ourselves as modern and evolved creatures but our biological and physiological features are undeniable.  We are women of a certain age.  This is our fate.  No matter how intelligent or cultured or ambitious we are; our nature is predetermined and it would be foolish to think otherwise.

We endure, sometimes with shame.

“Most women can feel it coming on…the dark time. Our partners may comment that we don’t seem to want their company, or anyone else’s for that matter. We get caught up in our emotions, and we’re not our usual selves. We’re hypersensitive. We weep, and we bleed.

You would think we could take a hint; our bodies and spirits are crying out for sanctuary and succor. But, somehow we’ve come to view menstruation as an aberration rather than a grace.” - Corinna Wood

A goal of this sisterhood is to stop hiding or denying our true selves, but instead to celebrate and share our womanly ways.  We are more alike than we are different.  If we concentrate on the common thread, our connection to each other grows stronger,  like a muscle flexed.  I read on that it feels revolutionary to acknowledge our monthly flow.  It feels ancient to me.

In Chinese celestial cosmology, the moon represents the female principle, or yin.

“The monthly cycle of the moon, in contrast to the annual cycle of the sun’s path, has been implicitly linked to women’s menstrual cycle in many cultures, as evident in the links between the words for menstruation and for moon in many languages. ” Wikipedia

Try it out for yourself and see if the dual monitors help you in gaining a better understanding of your rhythms and moods.

The bracelet’s colour system is as constant as the moon, but at different times for each woman.   Find strength and power in figuring yourself out.