The Season of Divas and Dreams


Some people may be sad to see summer disappear like a dream but I say “Hello” to autumn; “that season of peculiar and inexhaustible influence on the mind of taste and tenderness” ¹

Fall is such a lovely time of year and I welcome it with a sigh and a smile. The transition from the warmth and laziness of summer to the crisp coolness is bittersweet, as is getting back into the routine of school and schedules. On the one hand I enjoy my time with the kids and the slower pace that summer vacation brings, but getting back into the hectic groove is both welcome and productive. The opportunities for renewed extra-curricular activities bring with them new friends and catching up with old friends.

Along with this theme I recently  wrote a guest post for my valued partners atDivaCup entitled “Love Your Cycle, Love Yourself.”

Here’s an excerpt:

We all know that once a girl reaches a certain age, her body changes slowly but surely into that of a woman. She grows and develops breasts and hips and she begins her period. That first period (menarche) starts a pattern that will continue for decades. The most notable indication of the pattern is she will get her period approximately once every month for a few days. But so much more happens every day between the symptoms of our periods and understanding the influence we as women are exposed to, thanks to our menstrual cycle, creates a heightened awareness, an invisible strength and empowerment.

This is the time of year for many new beginnings and I propose that if you aren’t already, you make it a time to chart your cycle and get to know yourself better and encourage your daughters, nieces, sisters and friends to do the same.

The menstrual cycle is intrinsic. It is faithful. We simply need to acknowledge and interpret it to the best of our ability to generate a source of great empowerment and peace.

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For those of you who can’t yet say goodbye to summer, here’s a happy playlist from 8tracks I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

Let me leave you now with these words of wisdom:

“Love all the seasons, because every season has its own treasures! Winter does not own the treasures of the spring; the spring does not own the treasures of the winter! If you know only the autumn, you are poor; if you know only the summer, you are poor! To be rich, love all the seasons and live all the seasons! Wise and rich man is the one who knows all the treasures of all the seasons!” ²

¹  Jane AustenPersuasion 
²  Mehmet Murat ildan

Posted on September 23, 2013 .