Positive Feedback is the Greatest Reward

I love getting mail from customers telling me what they think about the empowerment bracelet and sharing their stories.  I have been blessed with numerous messages of gratitude for having created the Feby bracelet from young women around the world . It makes my heart swell to think of these girls who feel confident about their knowledge of the menstrual cycle is partly due to their owning a female empowerment bracelet. I mean, that’s the reason for its existence in the first place; to share.

That said, please allow me to share with you some of the highlights of my mail this week:

“I think this bracelet that is actually a calendar is bloody genius! Where was this when I was 15?”
— Emily, South Carolina
“I graduated high school this year but until I got my Feby bracelet I didn’t know anything about ovulation or fertility. Thanks for the lesson. I think they should teach it in school.”
— Taylor, Toronto
“I can’t begin to tell you how important this bracelet has been to me. I live in Florida with my father and brother and never had any lady tell me about all the changes we girls go through every month. I thought it was just blood or no blood. Lord knows my dad never talked about this stuff with me and my mamma died when I was 7 so she never had no talk with me neither. Thank you for answering a lot of my questions. “
— Loretta, Jacksonville
I thought I was going crazy and everybody else thought so too. Getting a female empowerment bracelet from my Godmother made me think about the times I feel angry and aggressive and I started paying closer attention. Turns out, I’m not crazy, I’m just having a black day. Now I now when to avoid everybody. Thanks!”
— Amanda, Los Angeles
“I love this concept. It’s so much better than the little Hallmark purse calendar my mother gave me with the “pads are in the top of the hall closet” speech. I have one daughter whose period just pops up on her every month and surprises her, one who will start this year thanks to a round of growth hormone injections, and one that I can see is barreling toward puberty. I hope the bracelets will give them a cool way to track their cycle that they’ll actually use and help educate the younger two about what is happening to their bodies. Kudos on the concept!”
— Kate, Manchester

It’s positive reactions and comments like these that encourage and energize me every day.  Thank you to every one who has taken the time to participate in the ongoing dialogue and for making me feel like I’m on the right track. Your positive comments truly mean the world to me and inspires me to reach for my dreams, to work harder and to get this bracelet in as many girls hands as possible.